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10 best resorts in Bangalore for that perfect weekend


Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is well known for its extensive trips, vacations, and weekend beer hangovers. You can get to the lovely resorts and jungle getaways here without needing a long weekend.

In Bangalore, there are many resorts offering the ideal setting for staycations, weekend road trips, and team activities. One of the most popular places for weekend getaways from Bangalore is Masinagudi and Kabini.

Bangalore is a lovely place where you may go and unwind. Although there are many tourist attractions around that you can discover and visit, ensuring that you have the finest time ever at a resort can be a simple effort there. You should always choose the resort in Bangalore that best fits your attitude out of the many possibilities offered. No matter how much time you want to spend in Bangalore, whether it be a few days or just a few hours, you want to make the most of it.


10 Best Resorts in Bangalore

We have some essential information to share if you are thinking about taking a brief weekend trip to Bangalore and want something authentic and hippie.

Jain Farms in Bangalore

Jain farms in Bangalore, which are surrounded by beautiful nature, are yet another wonderful day-trip destination in Bangalore. The calm region around is perfect for you to relax and take in the breath-taking view and ambiance. The grounds’ rich nature and the array of activities they provide make visiting there one of the greatest experiences you might have. It is also a great site if you want to host a family reunion or another kind of public event.

Guhantara Resort

A dreamlike experience, the Guhantara Resort makes you not want to wake up. One of Bangalore’s best family resorts, this one is distinctive and interesting. The resort’s motif, which resembles a cave, is intriguing. You already know how amazing a trip there will be because it is an underground resort. For individuals seeking a change from their everyday lives, it is perfect. Make sure you plan and reserve everything in advance.


Vana Resort

In the list of the top resorts in Bangalore with the best value, The Vana Resort must come in second. If you want to use therapies and other strategies to lessen stress while travelling, this is the ideal option for you. There, in addition to receiving Ayurveda therapies, you will surely enjoy the most pleasant experience. There are a tonne of lunch options available there, and the breath-taking surroundings are something you won’t soon forget. You can also look into the selection of indoor and outdoor games they do provide.


Eagleton Golf Resort

If you’ve been looking, The Eagleton Golf Resort is among the best hotels in Bangalore. For those who want to take a day trip to unwind and clear their heads, this is a terrific option. Here is the ideal location to relax and simply collect your thoughts. The golf course that encircles the resort is one of its distinctive selling points. With lush vegetation covering every square inch, it is a fully eco-friendly area. This amazing place is accessible to people of all genres, so they can enjoy it without any additional issues.


Chairman’s Jade Club Resort

Couples who want to spend their entire day together in the water should go to Bangalore’s Chairman’s Jade Club Resort. The location is also well known for its amazing range of foods and beverages. A relaxed and carefree experience unsurpassed by anything else is further ensured by the resort’s position in such a serene area. It’s a great place to go if you want to engage in some fun and intriguing activities.


Royal Orchid Resorts

If you want to appreciate staying in a hut and cottage-like setting, Bangalore’s Royal Orchid Resorts are the best option. This interesting hotel is located in a remote place where you can completely enjoy the peace and quiet of the surroundings. There is plenty of space for you to walk and take in the lush vegetation because the institution is spread out over an 8-acre area. The location is perfect if you also want to plan large family events.


Ramanashree California Resort

Another beautiful resort that is great for families, solo travellers, and couples is the Ramanashree California Resort in Bangalore. You should unquestionably choose this resort in Bangalore for a night’s stay. Yelahanka is home to one of the most beautiful resorts you can stay in when visiting Bangalore. The area has a lot to offer, especially in terms of live events and activities that one may attend.


Mango Mist Resort

Those looking for the best experience in Bangalore might consider going to the Mango Mist Resort. It not only provides a wide range of options, but also a number of pursuits that you may look into. Also, you won’t continually hear honking horns because of the resort’s secluded position. There are no more questions or worries, so families can spend some quality time together.


Olde Bangalore Resort

The Ancient Bangalore Resort is a popular family resort in Bangalore that both kids and adults would enjoy visiting. Along with the spotless rooms, the resort offers an exceptional number of amenities and a wide range of activities that you will enjoy. In addition to a huge pool and a number of other lavish activities, the resort offers its visitors.


Jaladhama Resort

Although you wouldn’t even think to anticipate it, the Jaladhama Resort has been providing top-notch services and hospitality for almost 30 years. The location of this retreat on a body of water, which contributes to the tranquilly, makes it particularly exceptional. The atmosphere is really tranquil, which still ensures the best experience.

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