Wednesday, October 4

10 Pokemon Designs Inspired By Kaiju

These designs show that Pokemon and kaiju have been around for a long time.

You might not know this, but everything about Pokemon comes from kaiju culture. Before the cards, video games, and worldwide fame, Satoshi Tajiri, the man who created Pokemon, was just a bug collector with an idea for a game based on the famous capsule kaijus from the Ultraman series. These tiny machines held giant creatures that would fight in place of Ultraman in different battles.

Because of this idea, Tajiri came up with the idea for a game called “Capsule Monsters,” which later became Pokemon. Even the first characters, Godzillante and Gorillaimo, are clear references to the king of monsters and his biggest rival. In fact, many Pokemon designs, even ones you wouldn’t expect, are directly based on kaiju.