Sunday, December 3

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Graco

A paint machine is a cost-effective option for people who have large workspaces to cover with paint. These machines are ideal for painting furniture pieces, shutters, and other items that would be tricky to do by hand. Paint sprayers can also save you time when it comes to coating multiple surfaces. However, one drawback associated with these machines is that they can only accommodate paint cans that are designed for them. With this in mind, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Graco paints.

1) The company was founded by Earl W. Gratzer in 1937. He financed the project with money he received from selling his electric shaver patent.

2) The first product the company produced was the Graco spray gun. It has remained in production ever since then.

3) Mr. Gratzer’s invention was originally created to paint airplanes at a time when World War II had just begun. The paint machine he came up with allowed for quick and efficient painting of military aircrafts.

4) In 1953, graco paint machines entered the market for commercial sprayers by introducing a line of commercial paint machines. The patented design enabled containers to be attached directly onto the machine. This was revolutionary at that time since most other sprayers required that liquid materials be poured into a container and transported to the site before they could be sprayed.

5) Graco is based in Minnesota. It has manufacturing plants in the United States, Mexico and China. Two of the company’s most popular paint sprayers are its Magnum XR7 airless paint machine and Titan 22 air compressor model.

6) The price range for its products varies between $100 to over $4,000. Total Graco paint machines sales total at $1 billion in 2011. The company has an impressive list of clients that includes General Motors, Ford and BMW. Other high profile clients include Amtrak, Disney World, Target and Home Depot.

7)  Graco sponsored the Food Network in 2011 and 2012. A Graco paint sprayer was used to paint the dome atop the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. during its extensive renovation between 2006 and 2008.

8) Graco’s products include self-contained, small portable sprayers that will fit into the trunk of your car. Graco offers a line of paint sprayer equipment designed to meet EPA regulations, including chemicals that are either water-based or have low VOC’s.

9)Graco machines are known for their quality and durability: Graco supplies paint spray equipment for motorcycles, boats, agricultural equipment and more. Graco has expanded their business into new markets including aviation technology. The company is known for its quality products that are built to last over time.

Graco’s emphasis on the durability of their products makes them a popular choice with motorcycle painters who need paint sprayers to keep up with their passion. The Graco X7-series is an excellent example of what makes this company so successful.

10)Applications: Their paint sprayer can be used for many applications whether it’s summer or winter, indoors or outdoors. The sprayers are portable and powerful to accommodate different painting needs.

User Friendly

There are two different models of the graco Magnum. Their products are user-friendly and come with many features. The X7 is designed for paint spraying enthusiasts who enjoy motorcycles or other machines in their spare time. It’s an airless sprayer that can be set up by one person, without any prior painting knowledge.

Tips for using a Graco paint machine

My first tip is to use the correct dilution rate. If you are painting a large panel, make sure that your solution is at the right concentration so it does not dry too quickly and runs out of paint before hitting all of the substrate. A 50-50 solution is good for small panels as it gives the operator a better feel for how much paint is being applied. You can use a thicker solution, but watch out if you have an electrostatic gun as it may not be able to pick up the paint from the panel.

Another tip, I can give you has to do with running too little of the paint mixture. If you are spraying on a high-build primer, such as one that is produced by PPG or BASF then it may happen that the gun starts to skip or cut out if there is not enough paint coming from the tip of the gun. This will also occur if you start your machine and forget about it for an extended period of time. If your machine is spraying too thinly, the air pressure in the mixing chamber will start to drop over time, which means that it may not be able to maintain the correct tip speed for atomization.

The Graco paint machines are designed to make the painting process more efficient and effective. We recommend these professional grade models for anyone who is serious about their craft, whether they’re a contractor or an artist. Whether you need something small enough to handle detail work or large enough to cover your entire house in one go, there’s a Graco paint machine that will suit your needs. For those on a budget but still want quality, we also offer some less expensive options with similar features as our premium lines so you can get just what you need without breaking the bank! With over 30 years of experience designing high-quality tools for professionals all around the world, it’s no wonder why people trust us when it.