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15 pages to download royalty-free music

And it is that not all creators agree with the phrase “All rights reserved”, from this base a non-profit community emerges that promotes and disseminates “No rights reserved” licenses. Perhaps closing doors to your work prevents its wide dissemination, and with this philosophy the authors who offer their works under a Creative Commons license have a clear vision of disseminating as much as possible beyond economic interests. It has been proven that works with all rights reserved do not leave absolute freedom when it comes to exhibiting your work.

Normally, the only thing we have to do if we want to download

Music with a Creative Commons license is to mention the author within our work, but let’s not forget that it may be under another type of license, read carefully what the characteristics of these licenses are.

15 pages to download royalty-free music10 sites to download royalty-free music

Here are 10 very useful pages for you to put rhythm to your audiovisual works. Consider what kind of license the song has before you use it. Most have a free catalog, but be sure to check their prices, as you can find very successful themes and much more variety.


They define themselves as the first community of Spanish independent music composers that offer free music of any license. Community created in opposition to the SGAE (General Society of Authors and Publishers) you can get a large amount of pagalworld mp3 with stipulated prices.


Amends is an open community where you will find a wide variety of music under a Creative Commons license. It includes a pro-shop, where companies pay artists to use their music for commercial use . It has a vision of making new songs by independent groups known. You have a huge music bank where you can classify them by genre, mood, instruments, type of project or language.

Sound cloud

If you don’t know it yet, Sound cloud is one of the best known pages where artists share their songs to the world. They are music under Creative Commons license where you can download music without any problem. Without having to register you can download the song with a simple “click”. In some of them you must give a “like” to their face book page before downloading them.


It allows you to download music under Creative Commons 3.0 License. You are free to use the songs (even for commercial purposes) as long as the web url or you include the source «music by» You will find a large music archive where you can classify them according to genre, mood and mood. Tempo