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5 Astounding Healing Properties of Larimar and How to use Them?

A rare blue hue gemstone that has originated all the way from the Dominican Republic, Larimar is adored worldwide to be a stone of clear communication.

Larimar or blue pectolite is considered to be one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Its colouration usually ranges from bluish to green. For instance, exclusive larimar jewellery in the market can be found in bluish-white, light green, light blue, greenish-blue, dark green or even a deep greenish colour.

Exquisite Larimar Jewelry, besides adding a touch of serenity and brilliance to the beauty of the wearer also bestow him/her with its astounding healing properties that work to pacify mind, body and soul collectively.

Alike other gemstones, larimar is also a variety of silicate mineral pectolite that occurs in multiple colours. A part of the triclinic crystal system, it represents a hardness level of 4-4.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. A comparatively soft and delicate gemstone.

In the article, we have got for your table 5 Astounding Healing Properties of Larimar and the way to manifest to benefit in the outer world.

1. Larimar – The Stone of Selfless Love

Larimar jewellery has its linkage with the heart chakra. Basically, the heart chakra manifests love and affection.

By activating the heart chakra, larimar aids the wearer in breaking the rigid walls of jealousy and hatred that one has built around himself, which is restricting them to practice selfless love and affection.

In simple words, larimar jewellery flushes out all the toxicity from the heart like envy, hatred, jealousy and the urge to seek revenge. In addition to it, it infuses compassion and a feeling of love that makes the person not only lovable but also lets himself/herself practice self-love.

To unlock this linkage, you can adorn a heart-shaped larimar necklace that runs down to the heart. Also, gifting your spouse a sizzling Larimar Ring can let you connect with herself on a deeper level.

2. Larimar Jewellery – The Mystical Stone of Spirituality

In this hectic and intensely moving world, wherein achieving materialistic externalities has become the sole yardstick to measure one’s success, spirituality peeps through the only way to feel real happiness and joy in living peacefully.

Adorning yourself with larimar jewellery channelizes energy towards the third eye or the crown chakra, which is hidden right at the centre of the forehead.

Activation of the third eye or the crown chakra ignites the mind with increased intuition and self-awareness.

To feel the spiritual powers of larimar jewellery, simply start wearing any ornament of larimar during meditation.

While meditating you will be able to foster a deeper level of connection with your own self that will let you explore yourself from within.

The path of spirituality is all about self-realization and accepting your own self for who you are.

3. Larimar Jewellery – A way to Peace and Prosperity

Thanks to the calming and soothing grounding energy that it emanates, larimar jewellery eases down stress and agitation in the mind which helps the other person to experience peace of mind and prosperity.

It plays an imperative role in channelizing emotions so that they don’t get overpowered upon the mind, leading to overwhelming stress and anxiety disorders, frustration, anger or wrath over petty things.

Robert Simmons, in his book “The Book of Stones”, has reinforced the astonishing properties of larimar that are very helpful to cure phobias and fears, curing panic attacks, and correct the stress-related imbalance.

It also lets you get free from all those unnecessary attachments.

Place a big chunk of shining and shimmering larimar stone in your home or office to benefit from the peace and positivity emanating out of larimar.

You can even adorn yourself with an elegant Larimar necklace to unlock the miraculous energies of larimar.

4. Larimar – A Stone of Better Health

Larimar is considered to be a healing stone for those who are dealing with formidable health issues like high blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments and other mental health-related issues.

By connecting to the heart, larimar purifies the bloodstream which leads to optimum health of the heart and hormonal system.


Besides, it also promotes intact mental health by battling against depression, anxiety, etc. All thanks to the radiating positive energy of Larimar.

5. The Metaphysical Properties of Larimar Jewellery

Larimar has a spiritual quality that is infused with celestial energy. The gorgeous blue stone balances all of the upper chakras. Due to its gentle ocean-coloured energy, it is often referred to as a throat chakra stone. But it is also a good stone for the heart chakra, the third eye, and the crown chakra.

Your sense of love, trust, wisdom, communication, and communion with higher beings will improve dramatically. And if you have a strong line of energy extending from your heart all the way to your crown.

When our hearts are in the right place, our voices are inspired. And we speak from the bottom of our beings. We can rely on our own sense of limitless wisdom and our ability to see more when we feel heard.

Wrapping Up

A stone of calmness and peacefulness, larimar is one of the rarest gemstones.

Its amazing healing properties would let you feel a divine state of mind, body and soul.

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Happy Shopping!

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