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5 Tips For Healthy Eating In Trail Running

We do not want to explain to you the close relationship between diet and trail running. Since, we understand that you know that, along with training and a good rest, it is a very important pillar in the life of a runner.

In mountain training, it is vitally important to maintain a good diet since it is a place where self-supply is the key and being proactive can avoid unnecessary risks!

In trail running it is necessary to know the terrain on which we are going to run, the distance, the weather and the availability of drinking water. Likewise, it is very important to plan the nutrition strategy in training and/or races based on our needs and objectives.

For this reason, today we bring you 5 basic points that every trail 메이저사이트 should put into practice.

5 tips for feeding on the trail

The runner’s diet must be based on complex carbohydrates (whole grains, legumes, potatoes and sweet potatoes), quality proteins (eggs, fish, meat, legumes and derivatives) and rich in vitamins (fruits and vegetables).

Pre-training/race meal. This guideline has to be very individualized depending on the tastes and needs of each person. But, it is important that the dinner the day before and breakfast are rich in complex carbohydrates so that it allows a correct filling of the glycogen deposits in the body. Foods such as wholemeal bread or oatmeal can be a good option along with foods rich in protein such as eggs or Serrano ham.

Hydration. It is important to be very proactive in the mountains, but, if there is something that can never be missing, it is water! Therefore, pre-workout and post-workout hydration is crucial.

Nutrition during the race

Whether during training or during the race, it is necessary that the contribution is at least 20g of carbohydrates every hour or every 45 minutes. Always depending on the hardness of the ground and the temperature. For this, it is necessary to bring gels, bars, jellies, dates, nuts and/or isotonic, depending on what feels best for you and the hours of training. In these cases it is always better to carry “something more” than less.

Correct recovery after race. After a hard workout or physical activity recovery is crucial. For this reason, we must avoid alcohol consumption at all, since it delays recovery. Preferably consume quality carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, rice and quality protein such as eggs, meat, fish, as well as a lot of fruit and water, to replenish properly.

These are basic tips to be able to continue enjoying training in nature week after week, without forgetting our health!

Also, remember to wear the correct footwear and clothing suitable for the mountain!

We hope you put these nutrition tips into practice for any trail, whether it’s training or racing, and we hope you’ll come back soon!

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