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6 Types Of Custom Cigarette Boxes

Cigarette companies utilize Custom Cigarette Boxes to promote their brands. When it comes to marketing your cigarette, nothing can be effective and efficient except these boxes. Usually, people prefer custom boxes. They want to promote their product and attract more potential customers to their brand. 

There is a wide range of Cigarette Packaging available in the market. You need to choose the one that meets your provisions.

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Benefits of Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes

There are many benefits of using Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes for your business. However, it is essential to know about some of them. These boxes are very helpful in promoting your brand. They not only increase your brand’s awareness but also help build a strong image for your brand. 


The best thing about these boxes is that they are affordable. You can easily customize them as per the needs and demands of your customers. You may have noticed that most of the companies use Packaging to promote their products. 


The reason is, you can customize them according to the needs of your target audience. However, if you want to make a perfect choice for choosing the right box for your business, you should consider these boxes.


Cigarette Boxes Wholesale – Best Way To Advertise Your Brand

Almost every person is using cigarettes in the world. People love to smoke. They do not care what they get in exchange for their health. It is the reason why cigarette brands have a lot of customers. There are hundreds of cigarette brands. It gets difficult for one brand to stand out from other brands. 

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However, this is where Cigarette Boxes Wholesale comes into play. You can design cigarette packaging in any dimension or size. However, you can get your logo printed on them as well. This will make your brand look more prominent. 


Customers will easily remember your brand name whenever they see the box. There are different cigarette boxes that you can choose from as per your need. Let us discuss some of these different types of cigarette boxes below:


Window Display Cigarette Boxes

These boxes have a window cut out on the front. So, your customers can see the product without opening the box. It’s great for products that are colorful or display artwork well. Customers will draw in by the visual appeal of the product.


Magnetic Closure Cigarette Boxes

These boxes have magnets inside them that attract each other when you close the lid, creating a secure seal that keeps the box closed. They’re great for products that could be damaged if exposed to moisture or impact, such as cigarettes or other items that are sensitive to weather conditions. 

They also look more elegant than some other types of custom cigarette packaging, making it easy for your customers to give as gifts!

Sliding Lid Cigarette Boxes

These box lids slide back and forth over your product, exposing just enough to let customers see what they want while keeping everything else hidden under wraps until they’re ready to buy it (or buy more). 

They work best with smaller items like matches or toothpicks—anything that could easily fit inside a small space without being crushed by its weight!

Suspended Packaging Cigarette Boxes

Suspended packaging cigarette boxes are ideal for displaying your product without the risk of damaging it by having the bottom exposed, as some other types do. With these boxes, you’ll never worry about tipping over again because it’s held up by four corners instead of just two!


Rounded Corner Cigarette Boxes

These boxes have rounded corners that make them extra durable and easy to keep track of your cigarettes. They’re also a good choice for people who want something that looks sleek but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Die Cut Cigarette Window Packaging Boxes

These boxes have a die-cut window on one side, making it easy to see how many cigarettes you have left in your pack without having to open the whole thing up. They’re great if you don’t want anyone else seeing how much you smoke or if you want some privacy while smoking at home!


We provide a wide range of custom cigarette boxes with different styles for those who want to make their cigarettes different, unique, and attractive in the market. 

Customization is not limited to just adding a logo or your brand name. It includes everything that can change the look of the box or make it stand out from other cigarette boxes on the shelf. Above are the some examples of Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes that you can order from Custom Cigarette Boxes!