Wednesday, October 4

8 super easy ways to make your bakery boxes environment friendly

Making a value addition in the baking business allure customers and inspire them to make purchases. Bakery boxes are a cheap and effective method to add this value. They make items visible with their custom design and charming looks. The addition of popular custom options helps them make separate identities. Embossing, die-cutting, foiling, scoring, and perforation are some options that add charm to these boxes. On the other hand, custom printing fantasizes the buyers, and a bakery can fulfill the marketing needs. Offset and digital printers eliminate all possibilities like color variation and ink spread. Also, adding add-ons to these boxes makes them a perfect option for special events.

The use of baked items like cakes, pies, donuts, sandwiches, and other such items are eaten worldwide. Therefore, new bakery startups always have a bright chance to grow their business. But, they need to consider some basic factors in their bakery boxes. Sustainability is a top factor to consider in this regard. Bakery businesses often get confused with this concept. However, it is quite a simple process. Here are 8 super easy ways to make these boxes environment-friendly.

Consider bakery boxes size.

Reducing the environmental impact of packaging requires thinking about every aspect. The size of the custom bakery boxes has vital importance to reduce this impact. The use of more material in the production process of packaging means more raw materials going to landfills. Do not go for the local packaging available in the open marketplaces. It does not fit every product as even a single type of product is different in size from different bakeries. Even the few millimetres of the additional size of a box have a vital impact. Therefore, reduce the size according to the size of your products. The perfect method to do so is getting them from a firm that provides custom services.

Avoid using mixed materials.

Manufacturing a box by blending different materials is not a good approach to sustainability. It creates some limitations in recycling the box after it serves the primary purpose. Therefore, get the pure cardboard boxes made with a single sheet. Especially avoid using material like PVC sheets over it. Opt for gloss or matte finishes in place of using the PVC sheets. It will reduce the environmental impact as the packaging will get decompose easily on getting in contact with the soil. Moreover, the box decays naturally and even do not require technology to make it happen.

Use fewer virgin materials

Another factor to watch is the virginity of the raw material. Using fresh wood pulp every time for the production of custom packaging is not a good practice. It promotes deforestation that leaves a lasting impact on the environment. Moreover, it causes global warming and other climate changes. Prefer to use a mix of recycled material and fresh wood pulp. Blending the mixture with an appropriate and balanced percentage is a perfect approach. It also does not result in a compromise over the quality of products. Experts say that it is possible to recycle the same material up to five times.

Avoid over packaging 

A simple and direct approach to making the custom printed boxes environment friendly is avoiding over packaging. More material you are using for the thickness of the walls and base means more energy required to manufacture the box. The use of more energy during the production process of packaging raises carbon footprints. It simply means the consumption of more renewable sources of nature. Preserving these sources is important to meet the future needs of the world. Moreover, a decline in the carbon footprints due to the emission of greenhouse gases is a more eco-friendly practice.

Make bakery boxes reusable.

Consider making your custom bakery boxes reusable as another creative approach toward sustainability. Opting for this method does not require spending huge money. You only require being a bit creative in this regard. Scoring and perforation are brilliant techniques to make the boxes more reusable. You can transform the box into different shapes by adding scoring to the walls. People become able to use the same box for multiple purposes with such flexibility. This addition of scorings also facilitates making the unboxing special. Hence, a brand can get multiple perks at the same time with this method.

Go for plantable packaging.

Imagine your packaging starts benefitting the environment rather going against it. A simple way to make it possible is getting plantable cardboard boxes. This brilliant technique is becoming famous worldwide among bakeries and firms using such sustainable solutions. Blend the seeds in the raw material, and the boxes will become a way to grow trees. Hence, it will even become helpful if people throw or dump the packaging in empty spaces or on their front lawn. A single box can grow several trees that will ultimately benefit the climate.

Avoid overprinting details

Printing inks also involve unsafe chemicals that could harm the environment. Especially, marine life is under threat if it reaches the seashores. Printing ink is soluble in water and charm the ocean life. Thus, avoid printing too much detail over the custom packaging you have chosen for the baked items. Keep the detailing short and prioritize the most needed elements. Go for the options like the use of a QR code to redirect buyers toward additional data like the baking process.

Get product-shaped boxes.

Selection of the custom printed boxes for products is of great importance. Thus, never buy the random boxes for baked items you are selling. Always buy the boxes that are exactly according to the dimension of the products. Getting such optimized boxes in the shape of products lowers the amount of production material. Consumption of less material is directly concerned with the reduction of the environmental impact of packaging. On the other hand, this sustainable practice will benefit by reducing the price of packaging.

All these ways to make the bakery boxes sustainable are quite simple and do not need much effort. Moreover, it does not require a huge budget to transform a simple box into a green solution. Buyers value such creative approaches that have some kind of social and moral values linked with them. This single approach will become a source of increasing sales of your bakery.