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9 artificial jewellery for Pink Lehenga in 2023

You may get some of the best artificial jewellery to adorn your wedding apparel on the Swarajshop Jewelry website. If you want to wear a pink lehenga to a wedding, you can purchase bridal kundan jewellery set, pokli bridal jewellery sets, and many other design exclusively for lehengas.

1. Ruby & Gold Kundan artificial jewellery Set

On each occasion, a queen always understands how to look stunning. Gold-plated is a symbol of success and wealth, whilst rubies stand for purity and desire. One of the earliest types of artificial jewellery is polki. This necklace encrusted with rubies and gold is ideal for weddings. Polkis, pearls, pink jade beads, and red onyx gemstones are used to make it. This extremely gorgeous necklace set will go perfectly with a pink lehenga.

2. Goddess Lakshmi Temple south indian jewellery

Micro polkis carved has necklaces, and gold-plated components combine to create this wonderfully created choker necklace in the meenakari style. The artistically etched goddess Lakshmi pendant, which appears to be the ideal jewellery set for a pink lehenga, is what makes this necklace special. In Hinduism, the goddess Laxmi is a symbol of luck. This necklace set might be a terrific addition to your artificial jewellery collection if you’re looking for a good luck charm.

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3. Gold-plated Green chocker ethnic necklace set

This gold-plated and green color necklace is ideal for weddings and was made with an antique carved gold-plated necklace, green onyx, and hydro polkis. The necklace set is of excellent quality and reasonably priced. The ethnic necklace has a feeling of nobility about it and is of high quality. A suitable bridal artificial jewellery set for a pink lehenga is this gold and green set by Swarajshop.

4.Gold-Tone polki- kundan dulhan jewellery set

This gold-tone necklace is formed of micro polkis and crystal gemstones and is appropriate for cultural celebrations and weddings. You can wear this necklace with this necklace artificial jewellery set for a pink lehenga because it has a gold tone and is light in color. The contrast of light and dark will be a clear winner at the wedding. This gold-tone necklace is suitable for wearing on other cultural occasions as well. One of the most exquisite pieces of kundan wedding jewellery for a pink lehenga is this necklace set.

5. Pearl kundan set Beaded in Pink Tone

For weddings, this Kundan pearl beaded necklace is appropriate. It is made with pearls, pink tourmaline drops, pink jade beads, and crystals. This pink necklace will look lovely paired with a pink lehenga if you enjoy color coordination. This exquisite necklace is available for purchase at the best prices. The crystals have given this necklace a regal feel.

6. Gold Kundan Polki artificial jewellery in Red Tone

Do you believe that only extremely expensive artificial jewellery items can be visually captivating? This kundan bridal choker set with red Kundan polki is stunning. You should try wearing a crimson necklace with a pink lehenga when attending weddings. Why are you holding out? Get this gorgeous jewellery set for the pink lehenga right away.

7. Kundan Polki Beaded artificial necklace in the fusion of Red & Pink

Are you seeking something attractive and feminine? Red and pink make a beautiful color combination in the polki beaded kundan set for wedding. It is made of fluoride carvings, grey Monalisa beads, droplets, jade drops, and polkis.

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8. Emerald Jewellery Set

This Kundan set is a stunning item with emerald stone accents. With longer haar beneath, the shorter necklace effectively accents the neckline. The Hathphool enhances the jewelry set’s regal appearance, and green always goes nicely with a red lehenga. Using this bridal artificial jewellery set with your red bridal lehenga would be the ideal choice. A bridal pink lehenga and Kundan jewellery are a classic combination.

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9. Heavy Jadau Jewellery Set

A versatile choice that will undoubtedly improve your appearance in the pink lehenga is American diamond jewellery. But what makes this item even more unique are the pink opal or garnet stones that extend from the choker, giving you a stunning appearance. The cherry on top is the Chandbaali pendant.

A gorgeous necklace option is used with a pink lehenga for a wedding. Check out this matching artificial jewellery set on Swarajshop if you’re looking for some for a pink lehenga.