Saturday, September 23

A Look at BTS Members’ Personal Style

The craze of BTS around the world is due to many reasons. Mainly, people recognize them through their music or their unique looks. But they aren’t just known for putting out amazing tracks and live performances. They are also known for their fashion. Yes, each member of BTS has their own unique style that has made them into fashion icons in their own right. 


Though you can say that stylists are helping them out, and that is true, there are countless times where they have been seen outside where they have been caught by paparazzi looking incredibly fashionable despite being casual. 


We are a Kpop merch shop, and we have written this blog for you to dive into BTS members and their individual styles. Read on!


Jin – Classic & Simple

Let’s start with Jin. He is, after all, the oldest one. And it reflects that he is the oldest because his style is quite simple and dignified. Though there have been times when he has gone for clothing with a splash of creativity but most of the time, he wears clothes with simple and minimalistic designs. But that doesn’t mean that what he wears isn’t high-end either. Jin has openly expressed his love for brands like Givenchy and the like. 


Simple also does not necessarily mean boring. Jin is known for confidently rocking the color pink while keeping things relatively simple and still coming off distinguished. 


Suga – Straightforward

We mean straightforward in this sense because Suga seems like a big fan of wearing muted colors. However, his style comprises many different brands, both Japanese and Western, such as Visvim, Mastermind Japan, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Cartier. But mainly, he is seen wearing muted colors such as black or darker shades of grey.


But it should also be remembered that Suga likes his flannels too. Soft flannel shirts are a staple of Suga’s fashion.


J-Hope – Sunshine Streetwear

Sunshine streetwear is accurate, in our opinion, because of how exuberant and upbeat J-Hope is in general. As such, his personality is reflected in the kind of clothes he wears. J-Hope can often be seen in bright colors and bold combinations of said colors. This makes him stand out easily among the crowd. And with his wholesome personality, he can easily pull off all these quirky combinations with ease. 


J-Hope is also a big fan of streetwear brands and is found wearing these brands, such as Supreme, Yeezy, and Off-White. But of course, he is also a fan of luxury designer brands like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton.


RM – Streetwear (With a Twist)

The thing with RM’s styles is that they can’t exactly be categorized. The closes definition that we can put on it is “streetwear.” But even that isn’t enough because he wears all kinds of clothes and different times according to his mood or the event. There is also a bit of Bohemian in his personal style that needs to be highlighted. RM is also a renowned lover of Japanese streetwear brands.


Jimin – Effortlessly Cool

Jimin’s fashion is just cool. He keeps it casual and chic. Loose-fitting shirts and tight pants are usually his go-to look. And it looks stylish on his figure. 


Jimin is also a big fan of accessories such as sunglasses and unique jackets. He also wears a lot of jewelry such as silver necklaces, rings, and such.  


V – Luxury Comfort

V most definitely has a preference for all the finer things in life. But he also likes to stay comfortable. If we had to summarize his look with one word, it would be, “Gucci .”V loves designer brands, especially if they are Italian designer brands. Bold colored shirts with black pants are usually his go-to look.


 Jungkook – Casual & Practical 

Jungkook is quite similar to Jin in this regard, as he likes to keep things simple and practical. His personal style is seen as quite predictable too. H&M and TOPMAN are brands that Jungkook prefers due to their practicality and simplicity.



BTS members each have their unique style that should be appreciated and celebrated. If you are looking for Kpop merch online, then check out our collection. We have merchandise from BTS and many other bands that you can buy right now for very affordable prices.