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Ace Your Exams with All-in-One Science Class 10 Textbook

A student’s career is greatly influenced by science, which is a core topic in the CBSE curriculum. Students now have access to a variety of study resources, including textbooks, video lectures, and online courses, thanks to the rising popularity of e-learning platforms. One such tool that has grown in popularity with both students and teachers is All in One Science Class 10. In this post, we’ll provide All in One Science Class 10 a thorough analysis and assess its value as a teaching tool.


For CBSE students, All in One Science Class 10 is a thorough textbook that covers every subject listed on the syllabus. It is intended to give pupils a comprehensive understanding of the subject and aid in their board exam preparation. The book was written by Arihant Experts, and Arihant Publications is the publisher. Both Hindi and English versions are offered.

Part A and Part B are the two sections that make up the book. The conceptual element of the subject is covered in Part A, and the exercises and activities in Part B are practical. The book’s chapters each begin with an overview of the main ideas, followed by a thorough description of the subject.

Salient Features of All in One Science Class 10 Book:

The textbook All in One Science Class 10 is a great study aid for students getting ready for their board exams. Here are some of its main characteristics:

  • Complete Protection: All of the subjects included in the CBSE science curriculum for Class 10 are covered in this book.
  • Conceptual Clarity: Using straightforward language, the book gives a thorough explanation of each concept.
  • Well-structured: Each chapter in the book begins with a summary and concludes with a set of practise questions.
  • Multiple-Choice Questions: The book has several multiple-choice questions that are a fantastic tool to gauge how well you comprehend the material.
  • Numerical Problems: Many numerical problems are included in the book, which are crucial for students to grasp how to apply principles.
  • Practical Exercises: The book’s Part B provides exercises and other activities that students can use to put the theoretical ideas they have learned into practice.
  • Previous Year Questions: The book contains a selection of board exam questions from prior years, which are crucial for students to comprehend the format of the exam.
  • Additional features:

In addition to the aforementioned sections, the All in One Science Class 10 book also has other elements that aid pupils in exam preparation. These qualities consist of:

  • Summary notes: At the conclusion of each chapter, the book offers summary notes that give a brief synopsis of that topic. These notes facilitate quick and effective topic review for students.
  • Mind maps: The book offers mind maps that assist students in visualising the material and connecting it to relevant material. Students benefit from a greater understanding of the subjects, as well as an easier time remembering the subjects.
  • Exam advice: The book offers exam advice to assist students in getting ready for their tests. These pointers assist students in time management during exams and offer insightful information about the exam format.


One complete textbook that includes all of the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is the All in One Science Class 10 book by Arihant Publishing. To aid students in preparing for their exams, the book includes additional information, examples, and questions in addition to comprehensive explanations of all the theories and ideas.

Students can practise and prepare for exams using the book’s range of solved and unanswered questions, chapter-by-chapter quizzes, and question papers from prior years. The book also gives readers access to online tools that offer additional study materials and aid in exam preparation. Therefore, class 10 students who wish to thrive in science should definitely use the All in One Science Class 10 book.