Wednesday, October 4

As a Conscious Rapper, Don Gramur has Inspired Many to Change for the Better

Are you familiar with what rap is? Well, Rap is a modern genre of music, a combination of rhyme, lyrical abilities, and freestyle or written material that is executed by the artist according to his or her creative talents. These rhymes and lyrics are performed on top of a beat that gives movements to the words. Lyrical hip hop is a genre that concentrates on the extensive usage of metaphors, precise rhyming schemes, and well-chosen words. Rappers who portray lyrical hip hop typically stick to topics that contain substance for their listeners. The lyrical style utilizes clever rhyming including metaphors, word play, and multi-syllables combined with the artist’s unique style. As a conscious rapper whose style centers on lyrical hip hop, Don Gramur employs all of those qualities and many others to create his music.

Don Gramur, a conscious rapper, composer, song producer, blogger, and entrepreneur, was born in August 1990. With his unique sound and talent in lyrical hip hop, he is postured to take over the music world with positive music. Since he was a small child, he’s been enamored with music thanks to his father’s influence on him. He began writing songs at a young age but didn’t start making music professionally until later on in his life. Don Gramur’s lyrical style is geared toward Hip-hop and R&B. He sees himself as a renaissance musician with a wide range of abilities who refuses to place himself in a box. He’s also a businessman with a number of other companies that will be exposed at a later date. More Read avple

Don Gramur is an artist that raps with a purpose and always manages to create positive music that inspires many. He combines his passion with never before heard flows, and sauce creating these revolutionizing and captivating lyrics that transcend the levels of the average conscious rapper. In one of his interviews he stated that he needed his voice to be heard and needed a strong medium through which he could communicate with the people. So, as one of the top lyricist rappers, he has the chance to convey his message to the community. The versatile musician operates as an independent artist who highlights issues in today’s society in the most memorable and coherent way. Foremost he is inspired by The Most High up above. Don Gramur’s music exudes pure, raw emotion, ranging from passion to pain to perseverance. The choice of words, rhymes, and meaning of Don Gramur is so distinctive from the rappers of this time. Nowadays, most of the raps lack complex meanings, and the selected verses mainly deal with money, drugs, fast cars, women, and jewelry. One of the qualities of Don Gramur that makes him the best rapper is that he adds different vocal elements and brings refreshing sound in the industry of music that will help uplift generations to come. More Read Google Pixelbook 12in

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