Thursday, October 5

Average Cost and Benefits of French Doors in India 2022

French doors have been around for a long time now, which gives them an old-world charm. No matter how conventional or modern your architectural style is, French doors are bound to enhance the overall curb appeal of your home. 

However, homeowners still have quite a few concerns while picking French doors. Following are some of the factors that usually impact the overall costs of French doors. This will help you choose the ones that fit your budget: 

Factors Affecting the Cost of French Doors: 


The size plays a significant role and is directly proportional to the overall cost. Your French door should not cover the entire wall like sliding and bi-fold doors do. However, you can consider fitting more than one set of doors based on your preferences. This will eventually increase the overall price. Based on this, you can have an estimate as to how big and wide your French doors should be, which will help you reach an estimated price as well. 

Utility and Additional Features:

Other than the sizing, it would help if you also considered the functionality of the French doors you install at your home. Here are a few functions that French doors can offer you that you must think: 

  • Security 
  • Wind, Air, and Water Insulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Thermal efficiency

All these features can impact the overall cost of the door. However, these are a few things that should not be overlooked while picking a door for your house. 

For instance, one of the leading housing product manufacturers- TOSTEM INDIA, offers aluminium French doors with a patented TEXGUARD coating. This ensures that doors have a long-lasting lustre and shine and incur a minimal cost for maintenance. 

Installation Process: 

You must choose a window and door manufacturer that offers an easy and quick installation. While this will make the entire process more convenient and hassle-free for you, it will also help you save a few extra bucks. 

TOSTEM India offers pre-engineered doors, and the engineer only visits the site to take measurements to make the process quite smooth. Moreover, the product is delivered in a box and installed on-site by the technician, ensuring utmost convenience and minimal intervention of a third party. 

Benefits of French Doors:

Following are the various benefits offered by French Doors: 

Aesthetic Appeal French doors have an unmatched charm that can enhance the look of any space. Whether you have a rustic vibe or a modern home, these types of doors will complement any style. 

  • Ease of Operation

Being a conventional door design, French doors are extremely easy to operate and will cater to your egress needs perfectly. 

  • Perfect for Tight Spaces

French doors do not take up a lot of space. These doors can be customised to fit into smaller areas of your home very easily. 

  • Temperature Optimisation

With good quality coating, you can ensure that your doors and windows do not absorb heat and thus help optimise the temperature indoors. This can be easily achieved with TOSTEM India’s patented TEXGUARD coating. 


French doors can prove to be an excellent investment for your house. And with all these considerations, you will be able to pick the right door for your home that caters to all your requirements perfectly.