Sunday, September 24

Benefits of Modernized Event Management Software

The use of event management software is on the rise, and that explains why the EMS industry is valued at more than $28 billion. As the CAGR of the global EMS market continues growing, one thing is guaranteed – there is no going back.

That’s why we now have modernized EMS tools on the market.

What is modernized event management software?

In simple terms, modernized EMS is an improved EMS that allows organizers to plan and manage an event from the start to the end.

Modernized EMS tools are loaded with more features and functionalities in comparison to conventional EMS solutions.

It facilitates planning, execution, management, reporting, and other major tasks, to guarantee the success of current and future events.

Benefits of modernized EMS

Adopting modernized EMS solutions presents the following benefits:

1. Enables easier event management

A modern EMS tool will go a long way toward simplifying your entire event management. With first-class communication features, you can keep the attendees of your event updated. In addition to that, your entire event organization team can use the same platform for collaboration, conduct outreach, track engagement, and other crucial tasks.

In the end, you will save a lot of time, effort, and money and make it easier to guarantee the success of your event. As the #1 rated event management software on G2, Perfect Venue does this and more. It’s a comprehensive solution that helps you create the perfect event in the perfect venue.

2. Helps you create a good impression

It’s important to leave a good impression on the attendees of your event. If you choose an EMS provider who offers an event app for your attendees, they will go a long way towards helping you astonish your fans.

Most fans are excited at the idea of using an event app that has features such as networking and gamification. That’s in consideration that networking functions as a major pillar of any successful event. Gamification, on the other hand, is advantageous as it encourages engagement in an event.

3. Allows for integration with other tools

Having an EMS that supports integration with other tools goes a long way toward facilitating the success of your event, regardless of the type. For example, an EMS that can be integrated with tools like a streaming platform and a CRM would be a great choice for virtual or hybrid events.

Integration also enhances the overall experience for future events. A good example is when you export attendee data to a CRM for future target campaigning and personalization.

4. Continuity for upcoming events

A good EMS also facilitates continuity for future events. With the right event management software, you can come up with specific processes that will make it easier to set up similar events in the future.

By automating such processes, you can save a lot of time and effort by not having to start from scratch every time you want to configure an event.

5. Detailed analytics for improvement

The only way to create successful events on an ongoing basis is to keep improving. A perfectly-designed EMS allows you to do this by providing features such as reporting, live polling, and detailed analytics.

You will gain a lot of information with feedback from attendees and the data in the EMS. With such information, it becomes easier to identify areas of improvement for your next event. Making such improvements is crucial to maintaining a good attendee experience, thus a strong brand name.

Experience these benefits and more with Perfect Venue

Adopting modernized event management for your event planning business is the only ideal way to create successful events.

Perfect Venue makes it possible to experience the above benefits and then some. Thanks to features like team tasks, analytics, one-click email templates, integrations support, and more, you can now create and manage successful events without breaking your back.

So, try Perfect Venue today and see the great improvement it brings to event management!