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Bespoke Tuxedos

Bespoke tuxedos are made by a single master tailor, unlike mass-produced garments. This unified work of art gives the wearer more freedom of movement and a greater range of motion. Bespoke tuxedos can be extremely expensive, but they are worth it for their classic elegance and timeless design. Bespoke tuxedos are often the only option if you’re looking for the ultimate formal wear.


A custom tuxedo is a must-have for any formal event. A wedding reception, a dance party, or dinner at a formal restaurant all require formal attire. Here’s some advice from GQ on tuxedo selection. The groomsmen should get tuxedos, too. While fit is not as important as style, the tuxedo’s overall design should be elegant, yet comfortable.

Another factor that determines a custom tuxedo’s price is its quality. High-quality, branded tuxedos are more expensive than those found at rental stores. You’ll need to pay for quality and durability, as well as a tailored fit. These tuxedos will last you a lifetime. Custom tuxedos are generally more expensive than rental tuxedos, but it will be well worth the extra money.


When shopping for a tuxedo, you should be receptive to the advice of the stylist. A good one will be trained in color theory and the correct fit of a garment. The first thing to do is to know what you want to look like and what your preferences are. Once you’ve done that, you can start looking at the styles for formal and more casual wear.

Places to get one

One of the most important parts of a tuxedo is the tuxedo’s fabric. The material that the tuxedo is made of is a key factor in the overall style of the ensemble. Additionally, the button style and size are important considerations. The bow tie can be an over-sized bow or a slimmer style, depending on the occasion. Aside from a tuxedo, finishing touches include shoes, cufflinks, pocket square, tie clip, and suspenders.

For a more affordable option, you can go online and browse through tuxedos at Nordstrom. This store offers a vast array of styles and prices for all budgets. Whether you’re shopping for a tuxedo or need a new pair of shoes, you’ll find an excellent selection of tuxedos from leading brands. You can also choose from their online fitting and pick up in store.

Similarities to made-to-measure suits

Although both terms are used interchangeably, there are a few key differences between bespoke tuxedo and made-to-measure suits. With bespoke, the pattern is custom-made to fit your unique measurements and shape. Made-to-measure suits can only be tailored to fit your specific measurements and can only be altered in specific places, like the shoulder width.

Both bespoke and made-to-measure suits are crafted by a master tailor. The difference lies in the methods used to produce each. The former involves a large portion of machine work, and the latter relies on a high proportion of handwork. The latter method can produce a lifeless coat with poor drape, but the hand-sewn jacket has much better movement.

Unlike made-to-measure suits, bespoke tuxedos are made with temporary thread

Bespoke tuxedos are tailored to fit the body of the wearer. The tuxedos are constructed from a woven fabric that has a diagonal rib texture on one side. The outer layer is made of a durable fabric, and the interior is lined with a special, temporary thread.

Tailoring tuxedos also has its drawbacks. Instead of measuring and tailoring a man’s body, bespoke tuxedos are created with temporary thread. These temporary threads may not be very durable and can easily tear. Moreover, bespoke tuxedos are often made to order. These suits are incredibly costly, and most men cannot find one that fits them well off the rack. Luckily, there are a few alternatives.