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Best Backyard Deck Ideas for a Budget

A deck can be a wonderful addition to your backyard. It will increase the value of your home and encourage outdoor living.

Traditional decks can be made of wood or composite decking. This is a combination of plastic and natural wood. Both materials have their pros and cons. Your personal preferences, budget, and maintenance needs will determine your preference.

This article will provide some tips on how to budget for a deck upgrade, as well as the most popular types of decks and some other decking options.

Let’s start by looking at some backyard deck ideas that are affordable. Many of these can be done in a weekend and could be considered DIY projects.

Tips for Upkeep on a Budget

There are many things you can do for your deck to save money over the long-term.

Some deck boards can be replaced

If you take care of your deck, wooden decks can last for a very long time. You can identify if it is time to replace a section of your deck.

You should look out for soft spots on your deck. This could indicate that the wood has gone rotten.

Pay attention to loose floorboards. It could be as easy as tightening your nails.

You should pay attention to your posts and railings. Railings are an important part of keeping your backyard deck safe.

Also, be on the lookout for insects and address any problems before they become serious.

Power wash your deck

Power washing can be a great way to clean your backyard decks. Make sure you know the right pressure for your deck. Soft woods, such as pine and cedar, should be power washed at a pressure of 500 to 600 PSI. It can reach 1200 to 1500 PSI for harder woods.

A power washer can be rented at your local hardware or big-box store.

Plant a Garden Around Your Deck

You can give your entire outdoor space a fresh look by changing the landscape design to include a deck. A well-designed landscaping project can transform your outdoor space. Good landscaping will not only make your property look great, but also increase your property’s value and encourage you more to use your outdoor space.

Paint Your Deck

A deck can be transformed by fresh paint. You can transform a basic backyard deck by painting it with a new color or updating the chipping paint.

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Decor Ideas

Interior Design for Your Deck Space

Consider your deck an outdoor living space. Decorate it accordingly. For a splash of color, add throw pillows and hanging planters. String lights can be used overhead to keep the party going after the sun sets.


Shade should be used in any space that you use often. You can set up an umbrella, or create more innovative ideas such as a shade sail to cover a small area or grill. To keep the sun from setting, set up an pergola that has overhead beams.

Get an outdoor rug

Outdoor rugs are a great way to make your backyard look bigger and more inviting. A rug outside can be used to define how you want the space to be used. It can show lounge areas, paths and set boundaries. These are perfect for small decks with limited space.

Backyard Fire Pit

A backyard firepit could be a fun addition for the entire family. You can get a portable pit at your local hardware store or a more sophisticated option such as a propane firepit table.

Update your Lighting

Landscape lighting is a key component of outdoor spaces. Lighting can highlight certain features ( hardscape and softscape), and set the mood. Lighting is also an important part of keeping your yard safe. You should place lighting at entrances and exits, stairways, and pathways.

Refresh Your Surrounding Fence

A privacy fence can be a subtle feature that blends into the environment. Sometimes it can enhance the design’s look and feel. A stunning horizontal slat fence could be the perfect addition to modern. A decorative lattice fence can be the perfect complement to an English backyard.

Things to consider before you update your deck

There are some things you should consider before you begin to build your deck.

Size and Scale

You will need to consider how the deck will fit into your space if you’re building a new deck. The size and scale of your outdoor space is just as important as it is for your indoors.

Layout of Features

Also, think about how you want your backyard to look. This includes where the deck should go. Consider who will be using the deck, and where the best place is. It should be located near the kitchen to make it easy to use. You might have a lovely patio and a floating deck in the back that would make a great spot for a new living area.

Materials & Budget

Carefully consider the materials you’ll use. Your climate, budget, and considerations about upkeep will determine which materials work best for your needs. DIY projects are a great way for budget-conscious people to save money and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something themselves.

Building Permit

Finally, before you start building or updating your deck, do some research to determine if you require a permit.

Different types of decks

There are many options available. Each type has its pros and cons, and it all depends on your property and needs.


Multi-level decks are great if your yard is sloped or you live in a home with a kitchen and/or living area on the second level. Although this is not an option that is the most cost-friendly, it can be a great way for entertaining.

Decks that are detached or floating

A floating deck is a deck that can be placed on your property and connected to your home. It looks almost like an island. You can use a floating deck to create additional living spaces, such as a fire pit, separate dining area or lounge area.

This option will require you to add landscaping that serves a purpose and blends seamlessly into your yard.


Wraparound decks will wrap around at least two sides. This type of deck can be very functional depending on the property. A deck entry can be located on the side of the home and wrap around to the backyard.

This deck type is best if it has a well-designed layout.


A rooftop deck is a popular choice. It can be placed on top of a garage, house or other structure. You will need safety features to ensure that this option is not at ground level. You will need to inspect all railings, stairs, and access points regularly.

Alternatives to a Backyard Deck

There are other options if you don’t want to spend the money on a backyard deck. Some of our favorite options are:

Brick Patio

You can easily DIY a simple brick patio. This patio is simple, inexpensive and great for small backyards.

Concrete Patio

Concrete is one of the cheapest patio options. Concrete patios are a great option. You can add outdoor furniture, planters, and decor to make them more appealing.

Gravel Patio

Gravel costs less than other types of gravel . You don’t have to sweep or rake the gravel back in place. Gravel patios are very popular in modern landscaping. They have a polished look. Concrete pavers can be added to give your patio some personality and uniqueness.

Wood Chips

Wood chips are another option that is budget-friendly, but they can get messy and may not be the best choice for areas that are frequently used. Wood chips can be used in a relaxing area of your home, or in a corner of your garden, to create a soft outdoor space.

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