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10 Best Free Architectural Design Software

Architectural design software allows users to design spaces of any size and purpose virtually, without the aid of a construction company. It’s possible to create a 3D image or a 2D drawing of a house, apartment, office, or playground using special design software.

Using this software, you can visualize how a building will look after construction has been completed. You can also visualize how an apartment will look after remodeling. You should visit the website. Not only if you need programs for your work, but also if you want to learn about the Best Monitor for Architects.

Top 10 Free Architectural Design Software

  1. SketchUp – For 3D designs
  2. AutoCAD – To create representative drafts
  3. Sweet Home 3D – Open-source interior design app
  4. SmartDraw – For building diagrams and schemes
  5. FreeCAD – Modular 3D parametric modeler with BIM tools
  6. FloorPlanner – Easy 2D/3D floor plan drawing
  7. Revit – Multi-disciplinary and collaborative BIM-approach
  8. Blender – For 3D modeling and compositing
  9. TAD: The Architect’s Desktop – Open-source interior design app
  10. My Virtual Home – 3D home design planner

For your convenience, we have listed several 3D architecture software such as open-source, floor-planning, general-purpose CAD, or BIM (building information modeling) based on your needs. Visit: Newsviralgo

  1. SketchUp

The freeware is a full-featured architectural design software package. That includes schematics, construction drawings, interior models, furniture, and landscapes. Building details are completed by drawing facades, sections, and plans with the title blocks.

A forum and a number of add-ons are available with SketchUp. The software generates clear 3D images and is not difficult to learn. All objects, surfaces, and materials have their own texture. An architect, designer, builder, or engineer at any stage of the design process will appreciate its straightforward interface.


  1. AutoCAD

Specialists frequently use AutoCAD for development, design, and standard documentation. Unless you have used an AutoCAD crack, you are unlikely to experience compatibility problems. You will receive a decent project once you experiment with layers and line weights, with standardized drawing conventions and measurable design details.

AutoCAD Architecture is another version, an integrated toolbox tailored specifically for architects. Drawings created with this program will take shape and be able to demonstrate real behavior. Architecture design software free allows for AEC objects (windows, doors) to be considered design elements and utilized in the creation of realistic and spatially oriented three-dimensional floor plans.


  1. Sweet Home 3D

It allows users to view ready-made 2D plans in 3D for context and presentation using 2D floor plans created with Sweet Home 3D. This interior design app is also perfect for creating home and office plans, designing interiors, and designing layouts.

By incorporating different light sources, users can simulate their surroundings under certain conditions and create photorealistic images and videos based on their plans.

The catalog can be accompanied by an order of home furnishings, a house plan, and a 3D visualization of the house. Besides importing a property plan or drawing one from scratch. Users can add doors, windows, furniture, and walls, plus import and edit existing ones. Moreover, the software is capable of importing additional 3D models from other sources and exporting plans to different widely used formats.


  1. SmartDraw

The emphasis in this free architectural building drawing software is on an easy and fast structural design process. This program integrates with a lot of well-known tools (Trello, Visio, Jira) to optimize workflows. As well as for exporting plans and drawings to different formats for printing.

Thousands of ready-made characters can be customized to suit different design requirements in SmartDraw’s templates. The charting engine offers easy and robust capabilities for drawing and printing architectural and engineering diagrams.

Contractors and architects companies can use this software to create diagrams, flowcharts, drawings, floor plans, diagrams of projects, graphs, diagrams of organizational and network structures, wireframes, and all sorts of layouts. An online floor plan for the organization’s structure is offered by the creator to enhance collaboration, sharing, and ease of use.


  1. FreeCAD

Model real objects para-metrically online with FreeCAD, a parametric online 3D modeler.  It is possible to create 3D objects from 2D thumbnails and vice versa. File formats supported for export include STEP, IGES, STL, SVG, DXF, OBJ, IFC, DAE. The model history of parametric modeling allows modifications to be made to a component easily. Walls, floors, and objects do not have to conform to stereotypical shapes.

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Users of FreeCAD can mount work areas and functions in specific areas of the main application via a modular architecture. Using IFC (industry base classes) provides a workflow that is similar to the information modeling of building BIM.

Using the Python interpreter, macros, and external scripts in FreeCAD architecture software, you can access any part of the program.


  1. FloorPlanner

A floor plan can be created in 2D or 3D, and then shared online in an interactive format. It is equipped with an automatic finishing function that allows you to decorate the rooms automatically according to the plan. Plans created by the planner look polished and professional, ready for presentation.

You can design floor plans faster and easier with this free floor plan design software. Its apps for Google Chrome and iPad complement its web tool remarkably well. In the design view, the drag-and-drop function is handy. A key advantage is the ability to navigate between the different design elements, floors, and views.


  1. Revit

The fact that Autodesk provides Revit for free makes it easy to integrate with the publisher’s tools, and the DWG files are supported as a trace reference. Generally, it is a universal software program used to model and render buildings in 2D and 3D; it also generates construction documents.

You can make use of real components and features of a physical building instead of using lines and circles. By combining all building design disciplines, BIM aims to deliver new capabilities.

It is easier to interact and coordinate with MEP development teams, electricians, and mechanics when they use the same tool. The interconnectedness of building components makes it easy for planners to make adjustments without redrawing individual components.


  1. Blender

It is possible to develop technical skills for creating architectural scenes and 3D models with Blender as a free video editing program. All aspects of model creation are supported, including modeling, rigging, compositing, rendering, simulation, and motion tracking.

Moreover, it offers video editing and animation features. Using the layer management system, users can manage their architectural projects with this free architectural design software. Additionally, the Archimesh feature may be applied to the 3D scene in order to add structural elements.

By using the textures of the surrounding environment, this software will show them the real lighting conditions. With various free extensions developed by the community, this flexible tool can be made even more powerful.


  1. TAD: The Architect’s Desktop

The Architect’s Desktop is a free, building information modeling program based on architectural research. Its files are very small, and it works on most operating systems.  A notable feature of this platform is that it allows extensive querying capabilities, as well as the ability to achieve objectivity from bubble-diagramming stages.

This program is intended for use from the very beginning of conceptual drawings. Before beginning to refine the design, users can experiment with different configurations of body parts and spaces in this free architectural design software.

It focuses primarily on the engineering aspect of architectural design and ignores conceptual aspects. In contrast to other BIM software, TAD is designed to be used by senior architects to outline the design of a building rather than designing it down to the smallest detail. Other solutions add details later.

  1. My Virtual Home

The best free software for designing your home is My Virtual Home. The program offers a number of standard blocks and modifications for organizing the space of a home, office, and other locations. It is a great tool for those who wish to imagine what their house might look like. It shows the effects of different construction types, such as walls, doors, and even bathrooms.

Objects, surfaces, and materials can be modeled by this software in an interactive and creative way. In addition, you have to consider how the lighting will appear in various parts of the layout. Intended primarily for novices, My Virtual Home is easy to master and can be designed in about an hour. It is possible to add realistic lighting effects to a virtual environment by adjusting the latitude, longitude, and time of year.