Tuesday, December 5

Best Ways for Back Pain Remedies

Tired of sleepless nights with terrible back pain? Is the back pain interfering with your life too much? Time for you to get a solution to a chronic backache.

Are you excited about hitting a trek, but is the apprehension of lack of fitness and back pain stopping you? No worries, you can hit the trek soon with a wonderful goodbye solution to back and neck aches. We promise you effective tips to get relief from back pain in this read!


Catch enough sleep

Yes, this works magic when you have back pain, be it upper or lower. Catch at least 7 hours of sleep; the more, the better. With back pain, you might be having sleepless nights. Honestly saying, this is causing a vicious cycle. Inadequate sleep is making your back sprain even worse. Grab restorative sleep to heal the tissues and get charged up. Some warm milk with honey and turmeric before sleep can help you with good sleep. Else, apply a soothing back pain balm that can give you the relief to sleep.



Well, back pain can be frustrating as it’s highly straining your body and mind. Visit a mindfulness specialist or try some meditation poses for backpain from Youtube sessions. Meditation and yoga, specific for back pain, can indeed keep your mind from concentrating on the pain.


Cold and hot therapy

This is an age-old grandma technique for back pain relief. Wrap some ice in a cloth, get a cold gel, an ice bag, or fold some frozen peas in a soft cloth. Apply it on the pain area, but remember to put a layer between the ice pack and your skin. Heat therapy improves blood circulation, thereby relieving you from painful back throb. Take a warm shower, apply a hot compress on the back, soak yourself in the hot tub, use a heat wrap, etc. to bring down the back pain. Hot therapy gives the much-needed warmth to your body, getting you that heavenly feel.


Change sitting posture

Well, if your back pain has cropped up because of sitting posture, do change that immediately before the pain gets worse. Keep the computer at your eye level and thus the chair should be at the correct height. Try using ergonomics at the workplace, be it office or home.


Time for comfortable shoes

Your high-heels might be causing back pain if it’s not in alignment with your body. You need to have relief from recurrent back pain in this respect. Switch your shoes to comfortable wear.


Backpain relief gel

Pharmacies all across have a bunch of back pain relief gel. The trial-and-error method isn’t wise in this regard. The majority of pain balms are for temporary recourse. So, pick a gel that can treat you permanently and relieve you from long-term back pain.

A medicinal and effective back pain relief gel for you

If you are looking for an effective back pain gel, horse balsam is a name you can count upon. Horse Balsam has brought to India the European healing technique thereby saving millions of people like you suffering from recurrent back pain. The best part is, it is an all-purpose pain relief gel with horse chestnut tree extract. This is a compound that has tremendous medicinal properties owing to a component called escin. This works effectively by improving your blood circulation and giving you the much-needed respite.

Every house needs to have this magical remedy for back pain. Just a single application, and you can feel the difference it creates. This is effective for all types of backache – lower, upper, middle, lower left, lower back. The pleasant smell makes it suitable for kids as well. Try this tried and tested skin-friendly back pain cream which has a long-lasting effect and is completely herbal.