Thursday, October 5

Blog on Food of Indore

Google “food capital of India” and Indore appear among the usual suspect results (Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, Kolkata). The humble little town punches way above its weight in the street food stakes. Even restaurant owner Manu Chandra of The Fatty Bao and Monkey Bar, admitted he was surprised by the culinary richness of this city.

For a vegetarian, being in Indore will feel like you have died and gone to street food heaven especially when visiting Chappan Dukan, 56 shops offering a variety of snacks, and the stalls of the old Sarafa Bazaar that open at sunset. .

While Indore does not have a storied history of Delhi Mughlai cuisine or deep-rooted foreign influences in Mumbai and Kolkata food, it does draw heavily on the culinary heritage of the neighboring states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat. In fact this central Indian city was last ruled by the Maratha Holkars, who were appointed the guardians of Indore by Bajirao Peshwa.

Some of the accolades for this diversity of food are Indori’s ingenuity, which is indispensable in creating unique specialties such as khopra bread, egg benjo and bhutte ka kees. Here’s a guide to the wide variety of street foods to enjoy in the city  indian tech blog. A Hajmola or two would definitely come in handy.


Potato Twisters in Little India. This twisted potato is very liked by people, not only children but also parents. This twister is nothing but potatoes fried in different ways, served with a variety of sauces & seasonings. Peri-Peri & Cheese is one of the most sought after combinations. This twister makes this list for three main reasons: Quick to make, easy to eat & absolutely delicious.


Keventers became a famous franchisee creating hype before it was founded in the city and has managed to bring it to this day. Why? Because of the great taste of the shakes & its policy to let people take the bottles. Best flavors – Chocolate Oreo, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Rose & Chewing Gum.

conical french fries
The french fries variant is served in a cone. Popularized by The-J in Mumbai, Introduced by Foobae in Indore. Indore’s first outlet which is mostly dedicated to serving French-Fries & Potato Wedges variants. The basic idea of ​​serving french fries in a cone is liked by people. Easy to eat, easy to carry & affordable price; These three reasons are the main attraction of customers and of course, who doesn’t love french fries? Double Dragon Fries for spicy dishes & First Love Fries for cheese snacks; two big thumbs up for this.