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12 Content Marketing Ideas for Businesses

12 Content Marketing Ideas for Businesses

  1. Case study
  2. Email
  3. Webinar
  4. eBook
  5. Free tool
  6. Listicle
  7. Instagram Guide
  8. Giveaway
  9. Guest post by guest
  10. Challenge
  11. Text message
  12. Blog

1. Case study

A case study typically showcases your best work.

We’re able to do this because we’ll highlight the buymalaysianfollowers successes we’ve obtained for our clients through online marketing.

Consider a possible client or customer you’ve dealt with which represents your intended group and…

…and it also describes the type of outcome or results that you can get through your products or services.

After that, you can put that together as an case study for your audience to read through.

You may also include the testimonial of a customer into your case report as additional proof and validation.

This will allow your targeted customers to gain trust in your company while also receiving the benefits.

2. Email

Like the stories on social media we talked about in the past Emails can be utilized for stacking content or used to create worth on their own.

In the world of email marketing, you can find typically two types of emails: automated and newsletter-type emails.

Automated emails could be a welcome message, for example, it automatically emails to everyone who is a subscriber to your mailing list.

While a newsletter message will be manually written and then delivered each week.

They’re always changing and tailored to the current situation.

3. Webinar

“A webinar (a combination of “web” or “seminar”) can be described as an online video workshop, lecture or presentation on the internet using a webinar software.

These sessions are usually business-related. They can be used to exchange information, thoughts and news with other people from all over the globe.

Webinars can be utilized to establish and maintain relationships, establish credibility around a brand or showcase a service.”

So , as you see, webinars can be somewhat like the electronic courses we mentioned in the past…

…except webinars can be free and vary more in the way of discussion or subject.

4. eBook

An eBook is precisely what it says the term implies: an online book usually an electronic file.

Whatever your business is, you are able to write an ebook that addresses the following questions for your readers:

How to use [blank], the best way to utilize [blank], best hacks to [blank], and five secrets to [blank] are just a few great examples.

Based on the questions you’re trying to convey to those you’re talking to, you may include different qualifiers in your instructional.

How to accomplish XYZ quicker, or less expensive or better or more efficiently.

It is important for your eBook to be tied to two things: the content you have to offer, and also the problem or purpose that your reader has.

5. Free tool

The next thing in our list of content marketing styles will appear different for each business and industry, so we’ll give some examples.

As as a B2B company , we help entrepreneurs expand their businesses through the internet for advertising…

…we provide a free marketing budget calculator. This is a tool to help you figure out how much you’ll need to budget in order to meet your marketing objectives.

Many fitness-related businesses provide calorie calculators or similar tool where you input your weight as well as the amount you’d like to lose.

It also shows the amount of calories you need to consume in a single day to meet this desired goal.

Paint businesses, whose target audience is homeowners, provide an online tool that lets you upload a photo of your living space…

…and alter the color of the paint in the image on your computer to check how it looks in various colors prior to purchasing the paint to try.

Whatever field your company is operating in, you are able to offer the HTML0 tool for free that can be automated.

Therefore, it is not necessary to require constant effort from your side that will benefit your viewers.

6. Listicle

“A Listicle can be described as a form of writing that utilizes an outline as its structure. however, it is complemented by enough text for publication in the form of an piece.”

A very well-known sites that use this kind of content is Buzzfeed.

People are awed by lists, and they are much more inclined to be able to read them than massive chunks of text.

The reason for this is because lists are easier to read, which our brains enjoy.

If you’ve got an abundance of content that is valuable but you’re having a difficult in getting your viewers to read it then this could be an appropriate type of content to consider.

7. Instagram Guide

If you’ve seen our latest Instagram Updates for 2021, we’ve talked about these.

A Instagram Guide is a curated listing of items, locations and posts.

Let’s have a look at this company’s Instagram page to get an idea of.

The artist selling calendars with greeting cards, wall art, coffee mugs an illustrated children’s book, and many more.

This is the Guide icon. When you scroll down, you will find a variety of list of dog Mom gifts, Coworker Gifts, Gifts for the Coffee Lover and more.

She’s also using lists of products to create her Guides.

However, you should also make a place guide or a post guide.

So based on the way your company’s business is related to each of the three areas,you can make valuable guidelines to Instagram followers. Instagram followers.

8. Giveaway

Particularly, in this instance, we’re referring to an online giveaway.

For this type of material, it is generally request that people follow you, share your post, or leave a leave a comment and tag friends for the chance to be the winner of XYZ.

We suggest that you give to someone else…

…be connected to your product or service in a way you can draw qualified individuals to participate in your giveaway.

If, for instance, you run a restaurant, you can give away an alcohol-free drink.

If you have an spa, you may be able to offer a free manicure as part of your spa service.

However, if you only give away a random gift such as the $50 Amazon gift card you’ll receive a large number of unfollows when the giveaway ends.

You’re likely to have people coming in who aren’t interested in your company, they simply wanted to get the Amazon present card.

9. Guest post by guest

A guest post is when you create posts on the website of another…

…in the hope that it can send some of their web traffic to your website.

You’re likely to write a guest blog on a website that is likely to have the same viewers as your.

If they feel they have gained something through your article it is likely that they’ll go to your website to read more.

10. Challenge

They are usually conducted via social media, however, such content marketing will require engagement from your target audience.

Most often, challenges include the use of a hashtag for the campaign.

It allows users to share their own content and tag you, and using the hashtag #challenge.

Dawn created a challenge along with an offer this year.

The description of the challenge reads:

“International Bird Rescue’s partner for a long time, Dawn dish soap, has announced an Minecraft fans contest…

…where players be challenged to create the most imaginative wildlife habitat with the chance of winning prizes as much as $30,000.

In this #DawnSavesWildlifeChallenge for each Minecraft game submitted,

Dawn will give $5 to its nonprofit in California. Partners: International Bird Rescue and The Marine Mammal Center.”

So , this is doing couple of things.

It’s increasing brand awareness and engagement as well as encouraging participation, while also promoting its values as a brand.

And by 2021, the values of a brand are important to the people who use it.

13% of customers said they’d be willing to be willing to pay an extra 31-50% for your goods and products or…

…if they had an impression that you company had a positive influence in the global community.

11. The use of text messaging or marketing messages

The same way you conduct the marketing of your emails…

…you can run an encapsulated version using SMS emails, which is said to have 10-15% more conversion rates over email-based marketing.

86% of small-business owners who use text messages say that it provides more engagement than email communications.

In the age of instant gratification, in which attention spans are decreasing instead of expanding…

…offering value in small bits such as text messages could be the right way to go.

12. Blog

The last item on our list of different types of content marketing is exactly where you are currently.

In the realm of blogging, and content marketing, it is believed that blog writing is likely to be the most popular.

It aids in SEO and also provides endless value to your website’s visitors.

Your blog may also promote other types Click Here of content marketing we’ve included.

You could, for instance, include a pop-up opt-in form to your SMS or email list.

We have our free tool available on our blog, as well as our online training course, and so on.

If you don’t yet have blogs, we’d strongly recommend that you begin one as soon as you can to increase SEO as well as brand recognition and recall.

Final Takeaways

So , those are our 19 different types of content marketing that we recommend to you to begin with!

If you need assistance with any of theseissues, contact our firm for content marketing now and we’ll assist you!