Tuesday, September 26

Can Generics Be of High Quality and Safe?

When Viagra generics first appeared on the pharmaceutical market, consumers’ attitude towards them was ambivalent. On the one hand, almost every man who had problems with the onset or maintenance of an erection wanted to get rid of his ailment by resorting to generics, since they are much cheaper than the original drug. The cost difference between a generic and a prototype can be as high as 95%! On the other hand, men believed too little in the quality and reliability of Viagra generics. A Pfizer branded drug is a guarantee of quality, it is advertised on television, on billboards, in magazines, friends can take it, it is named by a doctor. What is a generic? Some kind of low-quality fake or just a drug similar to Viagra? Can a quality generic be ten times cheaper than the branded medicine?

That’s what many consumers thought. Some men still hold this view, despite the fact that public awareness of some of the properties of medicines has increased significantly in recent years. However, these fears are completely unfounded.

The biggest misconception is that some men confuse the terms “generic” (analogue) and “counterfeit”. All Viagra generics (https://wecantgobackwards.org.uk/why-it-matters/buy-generic-viagra-online/) are produced by certified and licensed pharmaceutical companies. Their products undergo mandatory quality control, and it does not matter in which country the manufacturer is located: all medicines must comply with strict international standards. Generics must be checked for compliance with the composition of the prototype drug. Many companies whose strength is in the production of generics even improve the composition of their products compared to the prototype. First of all, improvements relate to the use of excipients that are more compatible with the body, more modern preservatives, film coatings, etc.

A number of manufacturers pay attention to a more thorough purification of the active substance, which means that the Viagra generics they produce cause fewer side effects in patients.

Meanwhile, the counterfeit drug has nothing to do with the generic. Any unscrupulous person or organization can become a fake manufacturer. This is true for any drug, but erectile dysfunction drugs are among the most commonly counterfeited drugs. Most likely, this is due to the fact that men, under the influence of impulsive intentions, tend to acquire them in the most secret (anonymous) way, after consultations not with doctors, but with private individuals. Such conditions create a favorable environment for scammers. Sometimes, placebo or herbal formulations are sold instead of generic Viagra (and they’re not always as cheap as certified generics). By the way, very often they cause strong allergic reactions, not to mention the fact that there is no noticeable effect on erection.

By far the safest way to avoid counterfeit generic Viagra is to only shop at licensed online pharmacies. When ordering from an online pharmacy website, make sure it has a valid license to sell medicines. This is quite enough to be sure: the purchased drug will be effective and safe. You just need to follow the instructions for use and in no case neglect the consultation with your doctor if you have doubts about the advisability of taking Sildenafil, side effects or contraindications.

The so-called habitat of fakes are various message boards, forums, dubious “sex shops” where individuals and unscrupulous sellers exchange useless drugs. 95% of fakes are made in China. They are never found in the range of certified pharmacies.