Monday, December 4

Car Detailing Services At Their Best

Everyone wants his car to look as best as it did the day they bought it. So they treat their car very carefully get wash it regularly. But despite all these efforts, swirl marks and stains start to populate the vehicle’s exterior due to the ordinary cloth and detergent used by the local service stations. So for taking good care of your lovely car everyone needs someone who can provide those services with good quality products and professionalism.

Purpose of Detailing

The purpose behind detailing is very clear we love neat and clean cars. So to keep our cars clean we go to different service stations pay them and ask them to do this for us. But most of us don’t have a good experience because the local shops and their staff doesn’t know how to do that they don’t have much experience so to deal with this problem super shine auto detailing starts providing their services In every big city of Pakistan. We have experienced staff and good quality checks on them. So these will ultimately go toward good quality work.

What is Detailing?

In simple words detailing is the deep cleaning of a car. car detailing Lahore home service includes cleaning every part of the car’s interior and exterior body. It includes cleaning of seats, Dashboard, Roof, Trunk, Door panels, Gear panels, etc. There is an old saying that “The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it” so performing services require experienced and professional staff which super shine auto detailing has. Super shine auto detailing is a bunch of people who know well how to remove these parts of the car and know how to reassemble them. So don’t be late book your slot now invite them to your home or bring your car to their service station they will provide you the best services in your cities,

Products We Used for Detailing

As we all know that local shops that are providing detailing services used Detergents that contain hard particles and these hard particles can damage the exterior of your car. Swirl marks we see on the car’s exterior are because of these particles and the local cloth they used to clean the car. However, we at Super shine auto detailing have customized products for every section of cart detailing.

All Purpose Cleaner (APC)

An all-purpose cleaner is a customized chemical used to wash the interior body of a car. APC is very car friendly and will not provide any damage to your car interior. This APC will restore the original condition of your car interior by removing the stains your car interior has.

Body Shampoo

We used customized shampoo for washing purposes. We washed seats, Carpets, and car exterior bodies with this shampoo. This shampoo doesn’t have any hard particles in it like detergent so you should not be worried about swirls marks. The shampoo will not affect paint shine as we make it a completely car-friendly product.

Degreaser for Engine Bay Cleaning

We all know that cleaning the engine is not an easy task. It contains most hard and dry stains than any other part of the car so for cleaning these stains we need some very powerful product so for this purpose we use a degreaser. The stains of Engine oil, Grease, and mud could be cleaned easily with the help of this degreaser.

Compound for the Exterior Body

Cars outer body is the part of the car which catches more eyes so if your car doesn’t have a nice and shiny exterior you should get treatment for it. For securing and bringing shine to your car’s exterior body, super shine auto detailing performs compounding with a buffing machine which will remove the swirl marks of your car’s paint and restores its shine.

Dull Body Treatment  

We all are facing environmental issues so like us our cars are also facing this issue and these UV rays, heat, and rain can damage the color of your car. Most of us drive our cars on regular basis and this regular use needs car wash on and off so when we wash our cars almost every day its color which already starts losing its original shine because of environmental factors become dull and our lovely car looks like an old car. For dealing with this we apply wax on it after every wash which consumes our money and applying this wax and regular wash requires time still after putting in all efforts and money it will start losing its shiny look within days. So to deal with this problem and protect your car from this issue super shine auto detailing now has Ceramic coating.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is the chemical liquid of Silicon dioxide that will be applied to your car’s body to protect it from minor scratches, swirl marks, and UV rays, Rain, and Dust. When we apply it to the body of the car its atomic bond repels the UV rays creating and hydrophobic effect in it which will repel water and this extra protection layer will save your car from swirl marks too.

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