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Citi Housing Kharian: A Top-Notch Housing Society In Town – Sapphire Properties

An amazing and iconic project in the heart of the Kharian district Sarai Alamgir is the Citi Housing Kharian. It is one of the most in-demand residential projects in the area as it is developing on international standards with state-of-the-art infrastructure and luxurious facilities and amenities. Although there are many housing societies in the area, why is there a rapid demand for this project? There could be many reasons behind the high demand and value of this project. Do you want to know the reasons? Read this article to get a complete idea about the great value of this residential project.

Citi Housing Kharian

One of the most in-demand housing societies in the Kharian district of Sarai Alamgir is the Citi Housing Kharian. It is the project that offers the chance for the residents to enjoy luxury living within the city vicinity. It is the place where amenities and facilities land in abundance and where people live a peaceful life with the calmness of nature. There are many housing societies in the area, but what makes this housing society different from other housing societies? It is the standard on which society is developing. Let’s get to know about this housing project in detail:

Project Developers

First of all, let’s get to know about the developers of Citi Housing Kharian. Among the developers, the name of the Citi Group is at the top. Citi Group Pvt. Ltd is the well-known developer of this project, whose owner is Amir Malik. The CEO is Zoraiz Malik, and the executive Marketing Director is Zahid Ali. These are well-known developers who have a reputation for building world-class infrastructure in the largest cities of the country. In addition, these developers have a 100% satisfaction rate in the real estate industry.

One of the big highlights of the project is that the Citi Housing Kharian Developers are focused on performance, and for that, they are offering the best services to the residents. The developers are also well-known in the real estate sector for delivering the best projects on time and offering the best services to the residents.

Citi Housing Kharian Master Plan

The master plan of Citi Housing Kharian is developed and designed by professional and expert architects and designers. The master plan of any housing society is important because it shows what sizes of plots are available in it and what the society is offering to its residents. It also shows what are the available facilities and amenities in society.

According to the Citi Housing Kharian Master Plan, the society has a wide infrastructure with 250 feet wide main street and 40 feet wide lanes. In addition, there will be a green belt of 10 feet on each side of the main boulevard. In addition, there are various residential and commercial investment options in the form of various sizes of plots available in society.

Citi Housing Kharian Payment Plan

Here comes the most important concern of the investors, which is the payment plan of society. The developers have set the most affordable prices for the plots, which are within the budget range of the investors. The prices of the plots and the installment plans are investor’s pocket friendly, and they can . pay the monthly or quarterly installments without any burden on their pocket.

Moreover, Citi Housing Kharian Payment Plan enables the investor to book the 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plot in the society with the easy 12 quarterly installments. These are the most affordable prices of the plots that one can afford in a society with the most luxurious lifestyle.

Facilities and Amenities

Like the facilities and amenities in the Citi Housing Kharian Amenities are of international standard with high-end facilities and amenities. Some of the most luxurious and attractive facilities and amenities in society are top-notch that attract investors towards it. These facilities and amenities enable society to have a Gold standard living society with a luxurious lifestyle. It is the facilities and amenities of the housing society that offer a modern lifestyle to the residents of the Kharian district of Sarai Alamgir.

Let’s throw some light on the facilities and amenities of the Citi Housing Kharian:

  • Zoo, Ferris wheel, Lakes, Parks, and Hills.
  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • Carpeted Road network
  • Branded Shopping Malls
  • International Standard educational institutes
  • Fully operational healthcare facilities
  • 24/7 availability of water, gas, and electricity
  • Waste disposal system
  • Sewerage system

Legal Status

The next most important point you should know is the project’s legal status. It is a common observation that people tend to take more interest in legal projects and invest in such projects more. If you are also concerned about the legal status of Citi Housing Kharian, you can rest assured that it is a legal society. First, the name of the society was Golf Residencia, but later the developers changed the name of the society. Now it is most popularly known as the Citi Housing Kharian Sarai Alamgir. The developers have applied for NOC approval with this new name, and it is expected that the approval will come soon from the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA).

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Final Note

If you are looking for the best investment option, we will strongly suggest you invest in Citi Housing Kharian. It is the best project in town with all the facilities and amenities. So, from an investment point of view, there is no better society than Citi Housing Kharian. In addition, we will also suggest you always rely on professional real estate dealers to discuss your investment options and let the experts handle your property matters.