Saturday, September 23

Color Range For Metal Roofing Tiles

Today’s roofing market offers various products distinguished by practical and color features. Roof carpet is one of the most popular types of metal tiles. The wide color range of metal tiles, high functionality, and availability of materials makes it possible to decorate a practical and aesthetic roof.


The ingredients are different

 Manufacturers offer products, dividing them by coating type and texture:


  • Polyester is a budget look that is durable and lightweight. It has a glossy surface and an adequate range of shades. One of the product varieties is Cloud – an imitation of natural chocolate-colored clay tiles.
  • Matte polyester is an innovation that has already gained popularity. A distinctive feature is the strength of color and non-sensitivity to aggressive external influences. The developer can choose the shade and the thickness of the protective coating.
  • Pure – Polyurethane coating up to 50 microns thick. The premium-class coating has high strength and functional properties, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance.
  • Plastic is probably the most durable PVC coating. So many roof installations in San Antonio companies are available near you. Components with such protection look textured; texturing is done in hatching, ripples, and embossing. Despite the high cost, plastisol protection is slightly inferior in pure heat resistance.
  • PDVP – Glossy type protection with metallic imitation. Main advantages: strength of mechanical stress, resistance to fading, very long service life.

Important! The matte portal is considered to be the most resistant to fading. The average performance of matte and glossy polyester (10-15 years), plastics will last about 30 years, Purex coating – up to 40 years, matte and standard peacock up to 50 years, metal tile with PDVD coating ( Solno) – up to 70 years.

Metal Roofing Color choice

The color palette of the material is vibrant. The most popular shades of clay tiles are natural colors. Very bright colors of metal tiles fade in sunlight, while dark ones often get very hot in the heat. When choosing tiles, you should also remember that light colors will quickly become dirty in climates with increasing rainfall intensity.

Looking at the photos of the house, it is difficult to think about the color of the metal tiles; here are some tips:

The green roof is associated with nature. Green is a shade of peace and joy, so it is often used in urban and suburban areas. You can search so many Antonio metal roofing companies to get this service properly. Choosing darker tones, you should rely on a more comfortable composition perception, and bright green will evoke new emotions.

  • The brown shade roof gives it confidence and stability. The colors are rich and magnificent. Moreover, they do not fade under the sun. You can search so many metal roofing san antonio to get this service properly. Conservatism, stability, reliability – all these shades of burgundy and brown. If the building is located in a green area, such a roof will look great.

I hope that after reading today’s article, you will get a lot of valuable information about the Color Range For Metal Roofing Tiles.