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In the world of sports betting, bookmakers use various systems to define odds around the world. In the old continent, decimal quotas are usually used, although in other countries other methods are used. In North America they tend to use the Money line method or “money line”. Meet the best bookmakers in Spain with bets on the NFL. NBA, MLB or NHL:

What are money line sports betting?

In the money line system, it is responsible for setting the standard odds rate in the United States for professional leagues, including the NFL. NBA, MLB or NHL. This makes it frequently used for all these leagues , highlighting baseball.

These competitions are not the most popular in Spain, but most of them are covered by the best epl중계 betting houses and online gaming operators.

Money line bets are helpful in identifying what is bet with what is won, although it complicates the calculation of odds.

In this system there is a relationship between the Stake and the benefit obtained,

Not with the prize. The most probable result (favorite) is clearly identified with the least probable result (underdog) with signs of precedence to the value.

The influence of baseball in the United States is great, also reaching many Caribbean countries, such as Venezuela, Puerto Rico or Cuba.

You may think that these sports and their leagues are far away from you, but the US market offers a lot of liquidity and this is always important for serious bettors. If you want to play high amounts, the markets where you can bet are those with a high volume of movement.

Case of the MLB of Baseball or the most important in the United States, the NFL, In the case of the NFL, you should know that the Super Bowl is the game that generates the most money in the betting world.

Money line bets: the popular ones in the United States

The normal thing is that these matches are quite even, having to define handicaps to bring the probabilities of the results that may occur closer. The consequence of all this is that the prizes that are hit are not too high.

So they are popular among tipsters and forecasters to make strategies with combinations, also called parlay , so that the prizes increase if they are correct.


Making parlay is almost synonymous with betting in many countries in Latin America, so knowing how to make the relationship between money line odds with decimal odds is something necessary for bettors who want to handle these sports and wish to make match combinations.