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Creative New Methods to Utilize Cable Ties | AGM Electrical Supplies

Due to their name is easy to imagine cable ties only as suitable for… connecting cables. However, it turns out the self-locking straps made of plastic aren’t as basic as they appear. They not only help you organize and secure your items, they help you lock, support or decorate and aid you design. From boating and gardening to trucking and crafting regardless of what you’re into it’s likely that cable ties will help you get things done. Do you doubt us? Check out our list of new and creative applications for cable tie…

Ties for Hubcaps

Are you worried that you hubcaps falling off? Make sure to strengthen their connection to your wheels by tying them with some cable ties and they’ll stay where they’re supposed… all the way on the roughest roads.

Ultra Flexible Mille Ties for Gardening

It’s true, cable ties are at their best within your gardening area. From tomatoes and bougainvillea to snapdragons and young trees plants that require assistance in standing up are able to be gently tied to garden stakes with cable tie. We suggest ultra-flexible Mille-Ties that are UV stable that are gentle on plants and can withstand long-term exposure to sun.

Cable Ties for Flower Arrangement

Cable ties to help with flower arrangement? Why wouldn’t you? If you’ve got a tense collection of flowers that is refusing to be arranged, consider to secure them in place using cable ties prior to placing them in the vase. After you’ve put the flowers according to your preference simply tie the stems with a few cable ties. the stems, taking care not to tighten the ties too that they swell or tear into the stems. Zip ties work so well for flower arrangements that Martha Stewart uses them to make her gorgeous autumnal centerpieces.

Cable Ties for Paints

One of the most frequent complaints from sailors is the fact that depth indicators painted on the chain anchors end up fading. The positive side is that cable ties can be an easy and durable alternative to scratched-off paint. Anchor chains on boats can be marked in 10-foot increments or by color-coding different depth measurements, or by applying one cable tie for each 10 feet in depth. If you choose the color-coding option, make certain to design a reference sheet which will tell you the color of cable tie corresponds to the specific depth. You should keep an un-waterproofed, laminated copy of the sheet onboard your vessel.

Cable Ties for Garden Deck

When it’s the time for you to deck your garden for Christmas, releasable cable ties are perfect for holding Net-shaped holiday lights placed on trees, hedges and even shrubs. These releasable tie ties can endure frigid temperatures without becoming stiff, and are easy to remove (without cutting) when it’s time to turn off the lights to go down.

Cable Ties for Garage

To arrange tools in your garage, basement and garden shed hang pegboards on the wall and make hanging loops of various sizes with sturdy and adaptable Pan-Ty(r) nylon cable tie. This provides you with a customized storage solution that not just allows you to keep tools within reach and accessible, but also allows you to alter the configuration of things according to your needs, and for nothing more than some cable tie (in other terms pennies).

Cable Ties for Home Uses

If you’ve got kids who are visiting and you’re required to ensure the safety of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets with cleaning supplies or medications. Installing child-proof locks on non-accessible cabinets may be overboard when the kids will only be present for a short period of time, however, it’s vital to make sure they are safe. Cable ties make great temporary locks for children’s safety when you’re strapped for cash – simply loop them around the handles of a pair to secure cabinet doors shut. If your child’s visitors leave to their homes, simply cut off the ties and you’ll be able to gain accessibility to the cabinets.

Cable Ties from AGM Electrical Supplies

We are Australia’s premier supplier of cable ties. Our extensive range of cable ties includes self-locking, standard, wire ties and tie wraps. We stock both reusable and disposable products in a variety of sizes and materials.