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Define Teel Structure and How to use it?

While talking about TEEL, it is an abbreviation that stands for Topic Sentence, Explanation, Evidence, and Link. It is a writing method that is used whilst writing a paragraph in an essay. TEEL offers a shape to the paragraph which can assist in forming the essay and as a result enhance its quality.

 T- Topic Sentence

 E- Explanation

 E- Evidence

 L- Link

 Each letter in the period TEEL signifies the nature of the sentences which have to be existing in a paragraph. The drift of notion in a paragraph ought to be as even though it first introduces the subject. In which the paragraph is written, then follows the clarification as to what it is, and why you have chosen it. So, if you are looking for online academic assignment help, this article on teel structure is for you. What is its importance, then you are to grant proof to the arguments which have put up explaining all the vital terms? Lastly, the ultimate statements of the paragraph ought to operate as a hyperlink to all the preceding sentences. And facts in the assertion and provide a specific outcome.


Topic Sentence

The first sentence of the paragraph expresses the students what the coming paragraph will be all about. Therefore, it is fundamental to write a theme sentence that cautiously offers the reader a peek and enough records about the topic. It must be fascinating and sufficient to keep the readers’ interest. Consequently, an argument fantastic follows a subject matter sentence. By the time the reader finishes analyzing the subject sentence and strikes ahead to the following section of the paragraph.



The subsequent sentences will supply the reader with an exact overview of the subject matter sentence and what you have mentioned previously. In this part of a paragraph, the reader needs to get a whole grasp of the topic. It is in this part that you have to put forth your claims and arguments. Since you can solely explain so much in a few sentences of a paragraph, your sentences ought to be quick and to the point. So that the reader doesn’t get harassed and the paragraph has the most effect.



No argument can stand if it is now not sustained with compelling proof to guide its claim. Therefore, this is the phase of the paragraph whereby you will furnish enough proof which relates to the arguments. And statements put forth through you in the preceding sentences. This proof might also be in the shape of a quote, factual data, or reference from a fine source.



This is the most essential section of the paragraph as it brings collectively the total paragraphs and hyperlinks it again to the universal subject of the entire essay. This area offers a concise precis of the theme sentence and clarification. And the proof furnished utilizes you in a brief but refined manner. This part holds such significance because aside from giving the conclusion of the paragraph.


Tips to write a TEEL Paragraph

Here are some frequent recommendations which will assist you in writing your excellent TEEL paragraph:



As advised before, TEEL shape is now not a set of guidelines, instead, it is a writing method that offers shape to the paragraph. Therefore, you must jot down all the required data about the subject matter beforehand. Identify the principal deliverables of the paragraph, such as:

  • What does the subject matter of this precise paragraph have to be?
  • What arguments are you going to make?
  • How will you explain them?
  • What variety of proof is most applicable to the subject at hand?
  • How is this theme vital to the challenge of the essay?


Formal Language:

Since TEEL shape is in most cases used in formal and tutorial essay writing, it is vital to use formal language. Whilst writing and framing the sentences in your Academic Homework Help. A formal language emphasizes the content material of the essay. It makes the writing more credible and has a higher impact on the reader. Keep in thought the following factors whilst writing an essay in casual language:


  • Do no longer use slang or colloquial words.
  • Do now not use contractions of words. Forex: you’ll, won’t, can’t.
  • Avoid the use of exaggeration or hyperbole.



Always test the formatting and the punctuations in your essay earlier than submitting it. It is necessary to see if the layout of the essay follows the assigned recommendations set by way of the tutor or examiner. The references have to be top cited, to keep away from problems with plagiarism. Use appropriate citation marks.


Advantages of the usage of TEEL structure

Using TEEL structured paragraphs in an essay can deliver a mediocre essay to award-winning standards. Here are the advantages of the use of TEEL shape for writing paragraphs:


  1. Enhances Credibility:

Using TEEL shape successfully amplifies the way readers discover the contents of the paragraphs and makes it a good deal greater impactful.


  1. Increases Creativity:

Writing a TEEL shape whilst improving quality, will increase the innovative ability of the creator and let them be the best writer.


  1. Keeping Focus:

The use of TEEL shape permits the writer to remain targeted on the specific subject and now not wander off to associated subjects. This maintains the sentences to the factor and offers statistics in a better way.


  1. Sets a path: It offers the author a way to write the essay. It tells them what to write when to write, and how it has to be written to supply the paragraph’s utmost value.

Final thoughts

After writing the last draft, proofread the essay to make sure that it follows the pointers and that the content material has the utmost relevance. While proofreading you must supply precise interest to every paragraph in the essay. Thanks!