Wednesday, October 4

Elegant, heavy-duty cleaning is easy with this stainless steel window cleaner

There is nothing better than seeing the windows and glass walls of our house totally transparent and shiny, but to achieve this, we need an ally that provides efficiency and performance in the work of polishing and keeping our home up to date.

This model is a manual cleaner that has a mechanism that sucks up the water and dirt residues from the crystals, after you have used the products of your choice, to then be taken to its deposit. You can use it in all directions without leaving traces of water or annoying drips around you, since cleaning is done with the power of the suction and its efficient double rubber lip.

It is equipped with a practical head and a neck that enjoys great flexibility, adapting with a perfect angle of inclination to the edges and corners of the Vinduespudser, while optimizing adequate pressure on the surface to be cleaned.

Design and ease of use

When looking for tools to clean our home, it is essential to look for products that not only make our work easier, but also offer ease of use and comfort. These qualities are present in this cleaner model, which has a light weight in order to provide comfort at all times.

It has a handle designed with an articulated elbow and an ergonomic grip, which favors the cleaning task, making it more comfortable and without you feeling fatigued. It is also equipped with a durable, high-quality rubber lip, which efficiently polishes and dries glass. Additionally, it has an integrated tank, where the water product of the vacuuming is stored, which is easily removable, for later washing.

It is a recommended product for cleaning mirrors,

Partitions, windows, tiles, glass tables, and you can even easily clean even the windshield of your car. The next model goes one step further and puts the latest technology to work in window cleaning. It is a robotic window cleaner that works automatically and autonomously, cleaning your windows without you having to do anything other than start it up and it will notify you when it is finished.

It works by means of vacuum suction, which allows it to be used not only on glass, but on any smooth or glazed surface, such as tiles or mirrors. It is capable of covering surfaces of up to 30 m², making it ideal for large mirrors or large windows.

It has a drying function and an intelligent cleaning function that detects edges and corners, so you can clean hard-to-reach surfaces, without the risk of the device falling.