Tuesday, September 26

Emerald or sapphire- which is more suitable for an engagement ring?

Engagements are as important as the wedding to every woman. From the dress, the décor, and of course, the ring- everything have to be perfect. More than anything, the engagement ring is the centre of attention to everyone. Thus, it has to be flawless. Beside the classic diamond engagement ring, these days people look for trendier designs. Colourful precious stones, black diamonds, unique designs- all these are equally important. Emerald and sapphire are popular precious stones that are chosen for engagement ring. But which would be the better choice? Read on to find out about it.

Key differences between emerald and sapphire

It is crucial to understand the differences between the stones before you decide which one to buy. Listed below are the basic features of sapphires:

  • The best quality sapphires have a vivid royal blue, pink and salmon colour.
  • Sapphires are considered synonymous to royalty, passion and luxury.
  • It is an exceptionally hard precious stone. However, it has inclusion and flaws likes liquid and gas. The hardness rating is 9 on Mohs scale.
  • They go through heat-treatment that enhances the colour and clarity. This makes the sapphires vivid and sparkly.
  • Sapphires are among the rarest and most expensive precious stone available today.
  • It is a popular choice among celebrities as well as common people to get sapphires as sapphire engagement rings Hatton Garden.

Some key features of emeralds:

  • The best quality emeralds are usually bluish-green in colour.
  • The stone represents rebirth, peace and abundance.
  • It is fairly a hard stone but compared to sapphire, it is softer. The rating is 7.5 to 8 in the Mohs scale.
  • Even high-quality emeralds have inclusions visible to the naked eyes.
  • Almost all emeralds go through treatments to improve their clarity and visibility.
  • Emeralds are expensive but comparatively affordable than sapphires.
  • It is one of the “big three gems” that is sought after all over the world.

Choosing between emerald and sapphires

There are few criteria to consider while choosing between emeralds and sapphires for your engagement or wedding ring. Personal preference is the key factor but apart from that, there are few crucial features to consider while choosing a emerald or sapphire ring:

Affordability and budget

This is the first and foremost factor that affects the choice. Both emeralds and sapphires are expensive but there are lab grown alternatives too. It is wise not to exceed the budget. First set a budget and keep an open mind while selecting the stone that fits your affordability.

ROI of the stone

The ROI of the stone depends on its quality, clarity and history. Before purchasing a sapphire or emerald, get a thorough clarification from the jeweller regarding the resale and exchange policies they have. Also find out how far the item is acceptable to any other jeweller.

The metal of your ring

the colour of the metal can enhance your stone provided it matches it well. Hence, choose a stone that complements the band. If you are going for platinum or white gold, sapphire is a great choice. Yellow gold or rose gold complements emeralds better. 

Clarity and colour of the stone

Lastly, the clarity and colour of the stone should complement your outfit too. A coloured gem means your outfit choice get limited. Hence, it is wise to select the ring and then go for dress shopping.

Besides sapphires and emeralds, there are lab grown diamonds as well that are considered more readily available and equally beautiful. Weigh your options well and make an informed choice to get the best deals.