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Enhance Your Viewing Experience With HDMI Splitters Supporting Extended Monitors

HDMI splitters can support up to eight different inputs and eight outputs from a single device, allowing any combination of monitors or TVs to be connected. This ensures that your setup is future-proofed in terms of what devices can be hooked into it; say goodbye to not being able to view more than two sets without a distribution amplifier!

It allows you to have access to multiple devices simultaneously and allow you to connect other devices through your single-port device like speakers or a Blu-Ray player. You can also pass audio along with the video, so your wife doesn’t get pissed off watching TV without sound!

Process Of Working

These HDMI Splitter Extend Monitors allow you to extend your computer screen onto other displays. With your basic setup, you can use this to have the main display and an extended display or multiple displays. Instead of extending the signals to two different sources, an HDMI splitter works by mirroring the output on two different monitors.

Using a USB-to-HDMI adapter can extend your total number of monitors and extend your viewing experience. This type of multiple screen step is more common among games and those in video editing/designing. These splitters are also useful for watching TV or movies on multiple displays.

Advantages of Using HDMI Splitters

It is almost impossible to find a standard HDMI cable that can support more than two HDMI devices simultaneously. However, most of the splitters can provide this capability. In addition, some television sets can output multiple video signals simultaneously. These can be used as sources for HDMI splitters. Take a look at a few such benefits of using these extended monitor setups with HDMI splitters:

Widens Your Display System

The best part is, even if you have a basic setup with one monitor and a few speakers, you can use an HDMI splitter to add more screens/previous generations of TVs/cable boxes and enjoy your favorite shows at the double the size! This way, your entire room becomes an entertainment space where you can spend quality time with family and friends.

Eliminates Multiple HDMI Cables

With an HDMI splitter, you can have multiple devices hooked to your computer or a single source. For example, your main source will be your computer display, and a second display can be connected using the HDMI splitter. This is useful for watching movies from different sources on two screens simultaneously.

Adds New Shades of Color Experience

You now can listen to music on two listening sets from the same source or watch two windows of the same video simultaneously with two different sets of eyes. This kind of multi-screen is ideal for teaching, and it is great for switching between applications/windows on your computer monitor in real-time and outside.

Its Scalability

HDMI splitters are not just limited to a single HDTV monitor or an additional display. You can have multiple levels of screens by adding more splitters. For example, you can use an HDMI splitter to have audio with your video and watch videos/TV shows on two to three screens simultaneously!

Multi-Device Compatibility

The main limitation with a normal splitter box is that it will only work for devices like TV sets, set-top boxes, or DVRs. However, you can use HDMI splitters to connect multiple devices simultaneously. For example, if you want to play a DVD on your computer and watch a TV show on your other window, you can do it with a single splitter and HDMI cables!


Most of the HDMI splitters are easy to use and set up. With only a few steps, users need not be experts in hardware installation. You can simply plug the adapter into your computer, connect your display to it and connect the monitor to your TV with the output cable. That’s it! HDMI splitters are plug-and-play devices that work without any hassle once you have installed an appropriate USB adapter on your computer.

You can connect multiple HDTVs and projectors to the same source at the same time without needing an AV receiver or switcher. Connecting your PC, Blu-ray player, gaming console, set-top box, etc., becomes easier with these HDMI splitters.

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