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Ensuring your mobile phone through home contents insurance

Do you want to ensure your mobile phone is against damage? Univé does not have separate telephone insurance for this. After all, a smartphone is co-insured as standard through our household insurance policies. You can choose from three coverages: Basic Contents, Household Contents All Risk, and Household Contents All Risk with Outdoor Coverage. With Univé Household Insurance, your mobile phone is therefore directly co-insured.

When is your mobile phone insured, and when not?

If your phone is broken and you have home contents insurance, you may be insured against this damage. The way in which your smartphone is insured depends on the coverage of the home contents insurance. Suppose you have home contents insurance with Basic cover. Your mobile phone is then covered indoors for damage due to, for example, theft and fire. Do you accidentally drop your phone? Then this coverage is not sufficient. If you want to ensure your mobile phone against accidents, bumps, and falls, you should opt for Inboedel All Risk.

Your smartphone is also insured outside the home.

You always have a smartphone with you when you leave home to go to the store, to the cinema, or on vacation. And in all those places, your phone can fall. Or get stolen. With Inboedel All Risk with Outdoor Coverage, you are also covered if something happens to your AT&T mobile outside your home, anywhere in the Netherlands.

Want to know immediately which premium belongs to the home contents insurance of your choice?

Which damages to your phone are not covered?

With a home contents insurance policy from Univé, your telephone is well insured. But there are situations where damage is not covered. In case of wear of the device, for example. Or damage to your smartphone caused by a pet. Even if you have been negligent yourself, the damage incurred will not be reimbursed.

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Insuring your iPhone through our home contents insurance

iPhone insurance is not necessary at Univé. Your iPhone is co-insured as standard with our household insurance policies. Smartphones are co-insured against, for example, fire and theft from your home with Inboedel Basis, All Risk, and All Risk with Outdoor coverage. Exactly how your iPhone is insured depends on the coverage of your home insurance policy.

When is your iPhone insured?

Your home insurance coverage determines how your iPhone is insured.

Do you have an inventory basic?

  • Your iPhone is insured against damage caused by, among other things, theft and fire in the house. View Home Contents Insurance Basic for more information.

Do you have All-Risk Contents?

  • If your iPhone has been dropped at home, this is covered. On the Contents All Risk page, you can see exactly what you are insured for.  

Do you also want to ensure your iPhone is against falling and theft outdoors?

Whether you’re out for a quick errand or a weekend at the seaside, something can always happen to your iPhone. For example, you accidentally drop it. Or it will be stolen. With the Contents All Risk cover with Outdoor cover, you are also insured if your Apple phone is damaged outside your home. This applies to the whole of the Netherlands.

Curious about the premium for our home contents insurance?  

Home contents insurance does not cover all damage.

You would prefer to insure your precious iPhone as fully as possible, whether it concerns an iPhone 8 Plus, an iPhone Xs, or an iPhone 11. Take out home contents insurance with Univé and determine which cover you want. Please note that damage to your iPhone is not covered in some situations. For example, due to wear and tear due to use. Or if the damage is caused by your pet. We also do not reimburse damage caused by negligence. If you leave your iPhone on a terrace and it is stolen, this will not be covered by our home contents insurance.

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