Monday, December 4

Exploring Musandam: A 2-Day, 1-Night Adventure From Dubai

The desert surrounding this flashy city of skyscrapers and modern wonders provides numerous opportunities for exploration. The Musandam peninsula is one hidden gem which can be found in the natural paradise of the world with beautiful fjords, clean waters, and rugged mountains. This blog posts takes you through a fantastic 2-day, one night journey, from Dubai to Musandam, in which you will board dhow cruise, spend a night on beautiful beach and make adventurous walk across mountains.

Day 1: Musandam – A Journey Into Serenity.

The trip to Musandam starts at around 7 AM from Dubai. The surrounding scenery is also amazing as you depart from the crowded city street into the picturesque scenes of the Hajar Mountains and the rough desert. Indeed, the road trip is an excellent introduction into the wide-range scenery and diversity in landscapes of the United Arab Emirates.

Ensure that you have a valid passport with you since you will be passing through the border into Oman. Crossing the border is easy and the customs house officers polite and quick in performing their duties.

Morning: A Dhow Cruise Is A Perfect Way Of Setting Sail.

When entering Musandam, you’ll board on traditional Omani Dhow – a very nice wooden boat which will be your hostel during this particular day of your journey. No words can adequately describe the dhow cruise that offers a spectacular view of the Musandam fjords sometimes likened to those of Norway.
During this time, an exquisite Omani lunch will be served to you for tasting in the midst of nature. It is also a great place to swim and snorkel as the water is crystal clear and turquoise.

Afternoon: Telegraph Island And Cave Exploration

On your way towards your dhow cruise, you will visit Telegraph Island that is well renowned because back in the day it was where a British telegraph station can be found. You will have an opportunity of discovering the secrets within the island’s ruins and getting knowledge about the intriguing past of the place.
Lastly, you will get an opportunity to explore the limestone caves that littered along the shore. Those seeking adventure will find the exotic beauty of Musandam in its unique rock formations and tunnels.

Evening: Beachfront Camping

At sunset in Musandam, your dhow cruise will sail you to a hidden beachfront camp, where you’ll stay overnight. It might even have simple accommodation but the experience is outright magic. There will be tents, mattresses and shared facilities to enable you sleep comfortably.
The dinner takes place on the beach, beneath the starry night sky, while listening to the rhythmic sounds of waves coming ashore. This will ensure that such an outdoor camping spree on the beach at night is memorable.

Day 2: Mountain Safari And The Return Trip Back To Dubai.

Morning: Witnessing the Sunrise

Go for an early morning climb and be amazed with a splendid scene of sun rising above the water surfaces in Musandam. The tranquil setting and amazing vistas at the beginning of your second day make paradise out of this place.

Off-Road Mountain Safari
In addition, you will have an opportunity of going out for mount safaris to spice up the trip a bit. They drive you through the middle of Musandam in a 4×4 car that helps you witness rough nature. Prepare for jaw dropping beautiful scenes through the twists and turns of these roads.

Khor Najd

You will experience a thrilling trip to Khor Najd and Jebel Al Harim Mountains within the United Arab Emirates’ beautiful natural scenery. The two impressive mountain peaks located at the northmost part of this country away from urban chaos provide an opportunity to be absorbed into the wildness of the dust land.

The desert flower (Khor Najd) is one of the hidden gems in this country with amazing red limestone formations and reddish dunes. Through it all as you go through this natural wonder, you will see scenes upon scenes of pristine land as if touched by the rays of sun in Arabia. The place, however, provides an excellent ground for the adventurous off-road lovers where they can experience the sand bashes and sand boarding.

Jebel Al Harim

However, Jebel Al Harim is the tallest mountain in the UAE with a height of about 6,266 feet. Mountain women refer to a very rich history and legend full site with peaceful environment fit for adventurers such as hikers as well as those people who love nature. This summit give a full view of the rough Hajar Mountains, and the peaceful Musandam peninsula on the other side of the border at Oman.

Khor Najd and Jebel Al Harim are places one can do a memorable mountain safaris that take you closer to nature, enjoy spectacular views of sunset, and have unforgettable moments within the unusual desert atmosphere.