Saturday, September 23

Flights Open From Pakistan To Saudi Arabia

As of this writing, flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia are now open. This comes as a surprise after it was announced earlier this week that Saudi Arabia would be closing its doors to Pakistani nationals. What caused the change of heart in Saudi Arabia?

It’s not clear, but one possible explanation is that Pakistani nationals were involved in the recent wave of terrorist attacks in the country. 

Saudi Arabia has been particularly harsh in its response to these attacks, and it may feel that it needs to close its doors to all Pakistani nationals in order to keep them safe.

Whatever the reason, if you’re planning on traveling to Saudi Arabia soon, now might be a good time to do so.

What is happening with flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia?

Pakistan has reopened its airspace to Saudi Airlines flights, a move welcomed by the KSA amid strained relations between the two countries. 

The KSA had earlier shut down all land and air routes to Pakistan after accusing Islamabad of sponsoring terrorism. However, after talks between Pakistani and Saudi officials, the KSA has now reopened limited flights from Islamabad to Riyadh and Jeddah. 

Pakistan’s ambassador in Riyadh, Agha Shahid Qureshi, said that the decision was taken in consultation with Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry. “Saudi Arabia has reopened its airspace for flights from Islamabad,” Qureshi said. “This is not an endorsement of our policies but an acknowledgment of realities on the ground.” 

The ambassador added that Pakistani airlines are yet to be given permission to fly over Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich Eastern Province. 

Meanwhile, Qatar Airways is still unable to fly passengers into or out of Pakistan because of a blockade imposed by Riyadh on Qatar following a diplomatic row last year.

Why are flights closed from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) announced that it would be suspending all flights to Pakistan effective immediately. 

The decision came after a series of attacks on Saudi diplomatic missions in Pakistan, including the slaying of a Canadian ambassador.

Pakistani nationals are now not allowed into KSA and must apply for visas through the Saudi embassy in their respective countries. 

This is not the first time that travels between Pakistan and KSA has been restricted. In early October, KSA closed its border with Afghanistan after Taliban militants attacked a military base in the country. This led to the cancellation of flights to Karachi from many international airlines. 

Although this latest suspension will have a major impact on travelers, it may not be permanent. The two countries have been negotiating a new visa agreement and it is possible that flights will resume later this year.

What are the alternatives for flying from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia?

There are a few alternative routes for travelers from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. The most direct route is to fly through Dubai. 

There are also several flights available between Karachi and Riyadh via Istanbul. Flights between Islamabad and Jeddah also exist, but they are often much more expensive than other options.

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