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Garage Doors: Popular Designs and Their Characteristics

Quality reliability and convenience are the main criteria for choosing garage doors. Therefore it is necessary to carefully study the models on the market so that their characteristics meet your expectations. New garage doors will become a reliable protection for your car. Will serve without any inconvenience in terms of operation and maintenance.

The Main Criteria for Choosing a Garage Door

To quickly navigate and accurately select a good garage door. Pay special attention to the following characteristics.

  • Strength and reliability of the structure.
  • The presence of anti-corrosion protection. Which excludes the destructive effect of precipitation on the metal surface.
  • Anti-burglary characteristics the presence of special protective fittings.
  • Heat and sound insulation.
  • Each of the selection criteria requires more detailed consideration.


The main determining factor here is the thickness of the insulation. Steel sheet cladding and sandwich panels. In addition the type of sheathing is important – solid or with an additional protective layer. The successful experience of Russian manufacturers has proven the advantages of using Energoflex material. Which improves the quality of thermal insulation.

At the same time it should be remembered. Doors that are too wide become more sensitive to intense mechanical stress and deform faster under their own weight.

The rigidity of the gate structure or the indicator of wind resistance. Is of particular importance. A correctly chosen model will withstand strong gusts of wind without deformation and will last for many years without needing repairs after each cold season.

Corrosion Protection and Its Quality

The impact of precipitation can have negative consequences even for the most durable door model. If the manufacturer has not taken care of anti-corrosion treatment. Currently several effective methods of protection have been developed.

  • Application of zinc coating up to 2 mm thick.
  • The use of stainless steel alloys for the manufacture of fittings.
  • Priming and painting.
  • Applying a polymer coating to a pre-galvanized surface.
  • Processing methods for different manufacturers of garage doors can vary significantly. The best option is to give preference to models in the production of which several methods of surface protection are used at once. The combination of the most effective solutions will extend the life of the gate and help avoid costly repairs.

Anti-Burglary Properties of the Gate

To protect the structure from unauthorized opening and breaking some manufacturers use bolt locks. Others increase the thickness of the panels. Which makes them resistant to any attempts to damage the canvas. The undisputed leader in this indicator is sectional door structures. A snug fit of the fragments eliminates the possibility of picking up and pulling out the section. And from below additional protection against burglary in the form of steel plates is installed.

In addition some premium garage door manufacturers offer consumers to evaluate their own inventions. Patented and successfully passed the most severe tests for strength and burglary resistance.

The Quality of Heat and Sound Insulation

Several tricks allow you to make the metal structure for the garage warmer at once: using special seals, increasing the thickness of the panels, opting for a fragmented contour, or structural changes in order to avoid cold bridges. The most effective is the use of several methods to reduce heat loss at once.

Thus, even in the coldest winters, it will be relatively warm in the garage, and severe frosts will not affect the condition of the car. As for the level of sound insulation, most garage door models show a figure of 20-23 db.

Types of Garage Door Designs, Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Customers are offered several options for garage doors.


The design consists of horizontal panels connected in a hinged way. When opened, the panel system rises vertically and then moves along the ceiling along the guides. Sectional doors are suitable for any type of opening and can be used in confined spaces, since no additional space is required for their free opening.

Among the main advantages of the model are high-quality sealing and insulation, easy opening, silent operation, as well as reliable protection against burglary, thanks to the tight mutual fit of the panels. A variety of exterior finishes makes it easy to choose an option, taking into account the color of the façade of the house and the preferences of the owner.


The design consists of two rigid doors hinged in the opening or on the side posts. Depending on the type of hinges, the gate can open outward or inward. Which requires additional space near the garage.

There are no restrictions on the minimum and maximum size of the opening. An additional door in one of the wings will allow you to enter the garage. Without the need to open the gate and install the lock from the inside. The sashes can be sheathed with metal sheets.

Wooden panels or corrugated board for additional thermal insulation and structural reinforcement. Check here for more details about garage door maintenance service at Precisegds.


The structure is installed at some distance from the ground and moves along the garage opening manually or using automation. The presence of an electric drive allows you to open the garage using the remote control without leaving the car.

Among the advantages of the model are installation at any height a minimum of space for opening. Reliable protection against corrosion in the form of a polymer coating. An aesthetic appearance. The relatively high cost is justified by the ease of operation and the absence of problems with opening during heavy snowfall.


A relatively new model that appeared on the market a few years ago. The structure is assembled from steel strips connected in series in the form of a flexible sheet. Opening is carried out by winding the web on a shaft under the ceiling. The thickness of the strips up to 25 mm is enough for reliable protection and thermal insulation of the garage space.

Lifting and swivel

A versatile model suitable for the arrangement of garages owned by businesses and private homeowners. The guide system allows the sash to move vertically or horizontally to close and open the garage, respectively.

The advantages of the model include increased burglary resistance easy opening in mechanical or automatic mode. Reliable protection against corrosion in the form of galvanizing and polymer coating and the possibility of using it for arranging double garage rooms.

Types of Garage Door Designs, Their Advantages and Disadvantages

There are a few more important points that require your attention before the final choice of garage doors. It needs to be clarified.

  • The quality of anti-corrosion protection of metal by galvanizing or a layer of polymers. Depending on the type of coating the service life and reliability of the structure can vary significantly.
  • Type of filler its moisture resistance, frost resistance and mechanical strength. It is important that the material can survive several winters without loss of quality. Does not crumble due to the intensive use of the gate. In addition the flammability of the filler is important. Especially if you store a supply of fuel in the garage.
  • Used methods of sealing gaps and joints of the gate.
  • The presence of protective metal plates to strengthen the attachment points of locking fittings.
  • The quality of the thermal insulation of the door. Which is of particular importance for regions with a cold climate. Reliably insulated gates will easily open even in severe frost. While without insulation.
  • The presence of a locking device at the gate in case of a break or malfunction of the torsion springs. This will prevent accidental drop of the gate structure on the machine.
  • The quality of the intersection transition. Slow closing with a smooth transition will avoid injury when opening the gate manually.
  • The presence of anti-burglary protection and additional options that make it difficult for unauthorized opening of the gate.

An important point

Even the most reliable garage doors will not last long if the owner does not take the time to care for the structure. Maintenance involves periodic lubrication of moving parts and locks. Monitoring their serviceability and timely replacement as they wear out.

The cost of garage doors largely depends on the manufacturer and the options offered. Today there are many domestic manufacturers on the market. They have adopted popular technologies and use their own developments on imported components. Which allow you to purchase high-quality garage doors at an affordable price. In addition, a number of leading foreign brands produce budget category gate models.