Wednesday, October 4

Google Verified SMS: The easiest way to communicate to consumers and build trust

How can you guarantee that your brand receives the most exposure and engagement? Working on the trust factor is one of the simplest methods to engage with customers and get their support. Although many firms operate in the same market as you, your business solutions provider could be able to help you create trust and stand apart. One such method is online SMS verification

What is Google Verified SMS?

Google verified SMS is a solution that only delivers text messages from known and legitimate senders. As a result, the service reduces the likelihood of phishing attacks and scam emails to almost nil. The receiver knows it’s not a hoax when a communication includes a firm emblem and a verification badge. As a result, if a URL appears in the message, it is safe to open and continue with it.

How does Online SMS Verification Work?

Google Verified SMS allows businesses to register their primary contact information with Google through a message service partner. When Google approves each message the company sends, it includes the sender’s corporate name, logo and a verification badge in the message thread. To receive Google Verified SMS messages, users must enable a setting on their Android phone’s notification centre. When you enable Verified SMS and receive a message from a Google-registered business, Google turns the message into an inaccessible authenticity code saved on your device,” the firm says on a help page outlining the new function. According to the support page, Google uses your device’s contact data to produce authentication codes, but it does not monitor the messages you receive for verification reasons.

Why Choose Google Verified SMS for Building Consumer Trust?

There are many benefits of choosing Google Verified SMS that can help to communicate with customers and build trust. Below listed are the key advantages that make online SMS verification the most effective choice: 

Increased open rate

Unlike emails, SMS guarantees a better open rate, especially if the message is confirmed. The open rate of text messages is approximately 98%, significantly higher than the open rate of emails.

Impression of the Brand

There are additional opportunities to create a positive brand image when utilising Google Verified SMS. Customers’ trust and confidence are increased due to knowing who they are working with, converting customers into brand loyalists.

Relevant recommendations

It might be difficult for clients to make the best option or even offer a proposal in a crowded market. Because of Verified SMS, your users will already be aware of your validity. Customers are more likely to patronise firms that reply to reviews using Verified SMS, according to 89 per cent of respondents.

Possibility of Buying

Customers are more eager to interact with authentic brands and businesses, boosting their chances of purchasing anything. In addition, there’s a larger probability of making a purchase when a company’s authenticity is guaranteed.

Get in contact with Mtalkz today to make sure your consumers always know it’s you! Each SMS you send will be properly validated, ensuring that recipients receive a message from a reputable company. This will result in improved communication and customer experience and increased consumer trust.