Wednesday, October 4

How Are 360-Degree Movies Made?

Technology is developing at a tremendous pace and every year there are more and more modern solutions created in this field. This applies to the area of ​​photography and film making, among others. There are opportunities that allow the user to move into virtual reality. A particularly developed form of this entertainment is VR goggles that use 360-degree movies. How are they spinning? Click here to find out.

360 degree interaction video camera

Traditional films, due to the fact that they have only one lens directed in a specific direction, allow for a limited portrayal of reality. Meanwhile, the device for recording 360-degree films (also known as spherical films) works differently. The main difference is that it has more lenses so that they allow you to get an image of everything around the camera.  Therefore, the operator of the device should leave the recording area so that he does not end up on the film. Some of the cameras can be controlled remotely, so they turn them on and off while being invisible to the lens.

How is 360 ​​degree interaction videos recorded?

Knowing how a 360-degree camera works, it’s probably not hard to imagine recording a movie with it. The device is placed on a tripod perpendicular to the ground, it is turned on, and then it comes out in front of the lens (i.e., for example, it moves away by several meters). If you are controlling the camera remotely, you can of course turn it on later.  After the work is finished, the recordings from individual lenses are combined into one and this is how a 360-degree film is created.

Why are spherical films recorded?

Recording 360-degree movies is undoubtedly a very modern technology, but what is it for and how to watch it later?

360-degree interaction videos are also used to create VR games. The player can get away from everyday life and suddenly find himself in a different world.  In the case of games, it can even influence and interact with it. This solution provides unique entertainment, allow you to relax and unwind. 360-degree interaction video therefore has numerous applications and can be used in many industries. It is worth finding a company that records them and use its services.