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How Pay for Performance SEO Company Helps Startups

Pay for performance SEO is a performance-based SEO model. It’s a unique SEO pricing model in which you only pay the company when you get desired results. In other words, pay for performance is a new payment model that guarantees you to pay only for SEO services after getting improved rankings for particular keywords. Sometimes known as performance-based SEO or pay-on-results SEO, pay-for-performance SEO is one of the fundamental concerns of modern SEO.

Does Pay-For-Performance SEO Work?

Yes, it is worthwhile if you have the right pay-for-performance SEO Company to make strategies and work with a partner that knows how to achieve one or more long-term or overall SEO goals.  When it comes to PFP SEO, businesses have several opportunities to get a quick boost in organic traffic and rankings. The strategy set by the SEO service provider often lasts in the long run. This model of SEO services guarantees delivery of results with not much risk but a high return on investment.

Read on to know how a pay-for-performance SEO company performs performance-based SEO magic.

How Does Pay for Performance SEO Work?

Pay for performance SEO works by first giving desired results and then letting you make payment for the results. SEO professionals engaged in PFP SEO are committed to building a strategy that covers the top 4 to 5 keywords. These keywords are powerful to drive maximum sales.

To ensure the best plan is in place,

  • Experts conduct competitive analyses and assess the market competition
  • They carry out audits of the client’s site to make sure compatibility with search engines
  • They monitor both on-page and off-page activities to generate organic traffic
  • They perform many activities to highlight your webpage to the search engine that is worth for a first-page ranking
  • Once the traffic is generated, SEO professionals measure the performance and results

As discussed, the uniqueness of pay-on-performance SEO comes back to the pay structure. This marketing approach intrinsically values in-depth SEO results as the service provider only gets paid after providing pre-determined results. So, if the performance-based SEO Company fails to achieve results, you will not have to pay them.  This is what encourages the SEO Company to adopt the most effective way to give sustainable results.

Any SEO service company that links organic traffic to success to a pay scale sets up for guaranteed long-term results that impact your sales and revenue.

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Here’s How Pay for Performance SEO Company Helps Startups

There is no secret that Google updates its SEO algorithm. Over the course of a year, they may make hundreds of algorithm updates. SEO means optimizing your content to adhere to those updates so it shows up more often in search results.

Below are the top SEO strategies applied by a performance SEO company to grow startups.

  • Keep search intent top of mind, always

To help clients rank on Google, an SEO company creates the kind of content searchers are looking for. It means they align content with search intent

  • Craft compelling title tags

The title tag is an HTML code tag. It allows you to give a web page a title. This title can be found in the search engine result pages (SERPs) as well as the browser title bar.

Performance-based SEO strategies involve writing compelling title tags.

  • Paying attention to the length
  • Writing unique titles for every page
  • Be descriptive of what’s on the page
  • Using target keyword
  • Using relevant, high-quality images
  • Customizing the filename
  • Using alt text
  • Refresh declining content

Even if the organic traffic of your website was high last year, some pages may inevitably decline this year. You need to refresh and republish content that starts to decline.

To find declining content, use Google Search Console:

  • Go to the Search results report
  • Click the Date filter
  • Select Compare mode
  • Choose “Compare last 6 months to a previous period”
  • Hit Apply
  • Click the “Pages” tab in the table
  • Sort the results by “Clicks Difference” from low to high

Here, you will see pages that might have deteriorated in value.

Boost important pages with internal links

Internal links are hyperlinks on a web page to another page or resource, such as a document, or images on the same website. Some actions pay for the performance SEO Company takes to boost your results and improve organic traffic:

  • Analyze keywords and internal links very well
  • Pay attention to their quality and relevance
  • Create a hierarchy of internal links
  • Make a balance of the link distribution on every page
  • Keep your internal links 3 clicks away


If you rank on the first page of Google, you generate heavy traffic. With high search volume keywords, you have great sales potential. Pay for performance SEO is best for startups.

  • Optimize your site for SEO performance
  • Compare and optimize your image to increase site speed
  • Ensure that your site is crawlable
  • Use structured data (aka, “schema markup”) to classify your content so Google knows exactly what your post are about

All these activities if performed currently will let your website rank higher and sales grow.

With a high search volume keyword, you have huge sales potential. And pay for performance SEO is best for you. With high ranking and massive traffic, the conversion rate stands high. This works only in the condition that you have competitive keywords that can drive sales.