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How Pogo Pins and Spring Loaded Pogo Pins Have Changed Electronics

Businesses and inventors around the world have been using pogo pins to secure connectors, interface cables, and other electrical devices since they were invented in the 1960s. Originally made of rubber, modern-day spring loaded pogo pins are now made of plastic, and have many advantages over old-fashioned rubber versions. Here’s how pogo pins and spring loaded pogo pins have changed electronics.

What are Pogo Pins?

Pogo pins are little metal connectors with two legs, which are sometimes called spring loaded pogs. They’re used in a variety of electronics applications because they’re sturdy, have a low profile, and can transfer high currents.

Spring-loaded pins are basically the same as pogo pins, but their design allows them to be compressed for easier insertion into tight spaces.

The most common application for both types is an electrical connector that’s used to join together separate pieces of printed circuit boards or PCBs.

Pogos are usually made from copper or brass, but there are versions made from other metals as well – aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel just to name a few!

How have Pogo Pins Changed Electronics?

Pogo pins are used in modern electronics as a connector. They are used with devices like keyboards, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and more. The design of the pogopin has changed over time to allow for more durability and compatibility with new electronics. There are also spring loaded pogopins for use with high-end equipment where cost is not an issue.

What are some Advantages of Using Pogo Pins?

Pogo pins have a number of advantages over traditional methods, including: high precision, unique, intelligent design, quality manufacturing technology, service and delivery.

Pogo pins are often used in the following situations: medical devices; automotive electronics; connectors in automatic test equipment; connectors in cell phones.

While pogo pins may not be the perfect solution for every application need, they provide many benefits that make them an attractive option to consider when looking for a connector solution.

The advantage of pogos over other types of connectors is their ability to maintain a tight electrical connection. This means less power is lost and more current can flow which improves performance overall.

What are some Applications for Pogo Pins?

Pogo pins have a variety of applications. Some of the most popular are in high-volume production lines where they’re used to connect two or more components. They may also be used as connectors in electrical switches, sensors, or other devices that require a very low voltage connection. You’ll find them in computers and other electronics too, where they are often used to make connections between circuits on circuit boards. Dongguan Promax is confident that they can meet your needs for any type of pogo pin application.

What are some Design Considerations for Pogo Pins?

Pogo pins come in two different types, the pogopin and the spring loaded pin. Though both are designed for use in electronics, they do have their differences. The pogopin is a connector that has an internal spring so that it can be installed without the need of tools or solder. This makes them ideal for use on circuit boards where space is limited.

The spring loaded pin has a more traditional design with a metal bar inside of it which presses against the contact when installed. This means that they cannot be used in areas where there isn’t enough space but they can be used when you want to solder them into place instead of just relying on pressure from the board to hold them in place.



Pogo pins are a connector that is used in modern electronics. The use of these connectors has changed how some electronics are made. These connectors are very precise which provides durability and security to the device.

Dongguan Promax is the professional manufacturer of pogo pins with a full range of products, including both pogo pins and spring-loaded pins, as well as other types of connectors. If you’re looking for high quality products that will last, then look no further than Dongguan Promax!

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