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How to Clean Laptop Exterior

How to Clean Laptop Exterior

Laptop computers, also known as notebook computers, are portable computers that may be carried around and used in a variety of settings. A screen, keyboard, and a trackpad or trackball, which functions as the mouse, are all included. 


How to Clean Laptop Exterior


Laptops include a battery that allows them to work without being hooked into a power outlet because they are designed to be used on the road. Laptops also come with a power adaptor that allows them to charge their batteries while using electricity from an outlet.

While laptops used to be substantially slower and less competent than desktop computers, developments in manufacturing technology have allowed laptops to perform nearly as well as desktop computers.

 In reality, high-end laptops frequently outperform low- and even mid-range desktop computers. 

Most laptops also have many I/O ports, such as USB ports, that allow them to be utilized with standard keyboards and mice. Wireless networking adapters are frequently included in modern laptops, allowing users to browse the Internet without the usage of wires.

While laptops are powerful and convenient, they frequently come with a cost. A comparably equipped desktop model with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse costs several hundred dollars more. 

Furthermore, working on a laptop with a small screen and keyboard for long periods of time may be more tiring than working on a desktop system. As a result, if portability is not a need for your computer, a desktop model may offer greater value.

1-How to Clean Exterior Laptop Fan

For their processors and internal components, all computers, whether desktops or laptops have cooling systems. Computer processors do millions of calculations each second, each of which necessitates the use of electrical charges. If the processor is not adequately cooled, it will overheat after a time. To remove heat from the processor, manufacturers frequently use a series of heat sinks and a cooling fan.

The processor, on the other hand, may not cool correctly if the fan becomes clogged with dust. Laptops that fail could be fatal for a small firm with limited resources and tight deadlines. Remove the cover from your laptop’s fan, blow away any loose dust, and wipe the fan blades with a soft cloth to clean them.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Compressed Air

The dust-free air inside a compressed air can is great for cleaning dust from a keyboard or inside a laptop, including the fan. These cans are normally affordable and can be found in most computer stores, as well as pharmacies and dollar stores in some cases.

A can of compressed air, on the other hand, is not exactly eco-friendly. Each can is made out of fusion-welded metal and plastic that isn’t always recyclable. 

Furthermore, compressed air isn’t always readily available when you require it. Because you don’t have access to a can of air, it’s not a good idea to allow a computer to overheat owing to a dirty fan. You can clean the laptop without compressed air if you’re careful.

Cleaning Your Computer Without Using Compressed Air

Remove the laptop from the outlet.

Turn your laptop upside-down, preferably on an anti-static mat, and unplug it from any power source.

Take away the bottom panel.

Remove your laptop’s bottom panel. Different manufacturers make different laptop enclosures, but the majority use screws that can be removed with a little Philips-head screwdriver. To remove the screws from the casing, use tweezers, electronics forceps, or needle-nose pliers if the screws are especially small. 

Place the screws in a small cup or dish and make a note of where each one is located if they are of various lengths or diameters. Once the guts of the laptop have been uncovered, the cooling fan should be easily visible.

Maintain the Fan’s Position Maintain the Fan’s Position

With your finger, hold the fan in place so that it does not rotate. Remove the fan only if you have expert knowledge of the hardware, as doing so could damage the processor or its heat dissipators.

Use the cloth to clean the fan’s face, carefully moving dust and grime away from the center. Clean the cloth as needed or switch to a different portion of the cloth to continue cleaning. It’s possible that a clump of dust will fall into the fan, defeating the purpose of cleaning it.

Vents Should Be Cleaned

Wipe the vents on the inside of the laptop and any other open areas where dust has accumulated using the cloth.

Blow gently into the fan

Blowing gently into the fan will dislodge any dust that has fallen into the fan. Repeat the procedure until the fan is free of debris. Replace the bottom cover of the laptop after you’re done.

2-How to Clean Exterior Laptop Keyboard

Laptop computers are technological marvels that we don’t think about too often. They provide all of the power and capability of a desktop computer in a small, portable device, allowing us to stay productive and connected while on the go. Our laptop keyboards, on the other hand, can acquire dirt, dust, and another crud, so knowing how to clean laptop keyboard parts is crucial.

Cleaning your keyboard on a regular basis will reduce wear and increase the life of your laptop, and having a dependable cleaning solution will save you time and problems. This post will show you how to clear dust from laptop keys and the surrounding areas using five different cleaning methods.

You’ll have a lot of great options for rapid exterior work.

Cleaning the keyboard on a laptop We also show you how to thoroughly and deeply clean laptop keys, as well as the boards and connectors underneath laptop keyboard parts.

You should clean your laptop’s keyboard on a regular basis to keep it in good operating order. You’ll also need to know how to clean the screen on a laptop. However, you won’t need to perform any heavy-duty cleaning most of the time.

You can typically utilize a simple cleaning option to ensure that your laptop keyboard is free of debris and dust bunnies on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to have a dependable outside cleaning method on hand so you can clean your keyboard fast and efficiently.

This section discusses how to clean your keyboard from the outside.

It will only take a minute or two to finish. Include these cleaning techniques in your regular routine to avoid encountering stuck or sticky keys. We’ll show you how to let gravity and air do the majority of the job for you.

Discover a simple and effective method for keeping your keys clean and free of filth. Use any of these solutions to keep your laptop happy when you only have a few minutes to spare and need to maintain your laptop keyboard.

3-Best Way to Clean Laptop Exterior

Unlike a desktop computer, though, a laptop is more difficult to access and clean. However, an end-user can still clean and preserve their laptop or portable device by following a few simple steps.

We recommend that you switch off and unplug your laptop before cleaning it. Because you’ll be cleaning the laptop, we recommend removing the battery if at all possible.

Keeping a laptop casing clean

Cleaning the exterior of the laptop case helps to keep it looking brand new. A moistened cotton cloth can be used to wipe the outer case of a laptop computer. Cleaning the laptop’s external case using home cleaning products is not suggested. If there is, however, substance,

We recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean a laptop that cannot be cleaned with water.

Case openings must be cleaned.

If dust, dirt, hair, or other materials get inside the case apertures, it can block ventilation, causing the laptop to overheat and even reboot suddenly.

Cleaning the keyboard on a laptop

A keyboard, like practically everything else on a laptop, differs from a typical computer keyboard. Many laptop keyboards do not allow the keys to be entirely removed. As a result, we recommend washing the keyboard with the same moist cloth you used to clean the laptop’s outside shell. Compressed air can also be used to blow out the dust, grime, hair, and other debris from between and beneath the keys.

If you spilled something on your laptop’s keyboard and it’s making the keys stick, you might need to have it professionally repaired.

How to Clean a Laptop Mouse (touchpad)

Cleaning the touchpad on a laptop improves the appearance of the laptop as well as the responsiveness of the touchpad. Use the same moist cloth that you used to wipe the laptop’s exterior to clean the touchpad.

Cleaning the LCD display (screen)

See our cleaning page for more information on cleaning LCD and flat-panel displays.

Internal laptop components cleaning

It can be tough to clean the innards of a laptop computer. However, significant dust and dirt accumulation on components like the processor’s heatsink may necessitate this procedure.

the heat sink

It’s significantly more difficult to disassemble a laptop than it is to disassemble a desktop computer. It is significantly more difficult due to the compact form factor. The disassembly instructions for a laptop vary depending on the model and brand. We can’t provide information on how to dismantle every laptop because there are so many distinct manufacturers and models. If you still suspect the laptop is overheating due to dust or filth after following the cleaning methods above, we recommend taking it to an authorized repair center.

If you still want to disassemble the laptop and clean it yourself, you’ll need to browse the Internet for instructions.

Air that has been compressed

Look for places where the laptop can take in or blow cool air from the outside.

From the inside, hot air is ejected. These apertures are normally found on one of the laptop’s sides, back, or bottom. A cotton swab or compressed air can often be used to remove dust, grime, hair, or other things. How to Clean Laptop Exterior