Saturday, September 23

How to Create that Space Themed Bedroom for Your Kid

Space, the final frontier, and many a child’s favorite theme for their bedroom. You may have wanted to grow up to become an astronaut and explore the vast reaches of space. Perhaps your child loves to watch sci-fi movies and shows as a way to escape and transport themselves to worlds previously unimaginable.

Building a space-theme bedroom for your kid is a great way to immerse them in the wonders of space, and only requires a bit of forethought and planning. With some love and dedication, you can create an out of this world room that will ignite their imaginations.

Here are a few tips on how to transform your child’s bedroom into an intergalactic haven:

1. Put Up A Space Wall Mural

The first step to building that space-themed bedroom is choosing the right backdrop and setting. A space wall mural is a good way of going about this. Wall murals work similarly (if not exactly) like wallpaper. They’re easy to stick on and apply to your walls and can last years before you begin to see signs of wear.

PixlScapes has some excellent space wall murals available on their website that would make the perfect backdrop to your kid’s bedroom in space. Some of their designs include nebulas, galaxies, rocket launches, and planets. Deciding on which one you want to go with will ultimately depend on what kind of setting you want to create in your kid’s bedroom.

You could have a space wall mural of the surface of the moon, for example, with the earth seen in the distance. Or you could have one amid some alien planet overlooking the vast number of stars and galaxies in the sky.

The choice is yours!

2. Create A Solar System Model

Remember those solar system models you were often asked to create for your school project? Why not up the ante a little and create one for your kid’s space-themed bedroom? You can even set this up on the ceiling of the bedroom so that your kid can look up at the planets every night before they lay down to sleep. This solar system model could be the perfect accent to that space wall mural backdrop.

3. Stars on the Ceiling

If you’re not too keen on a solar system model, you can also choose to go with stars on the ceiling. The easiest way to go about this would be to use several glow-in-the-dark stickers. That way, your kid gets to watch the stars at night even as he lies safe and sound in his bedroom. Better yet, position these stars in the form of constellations to help your kid familiarize themselves with the many different star formations in our sky.

4. Fill in the Room with Complimentary Beddings and Furniture

You don’t exactly need Buzz Lightyear beddings to create a space-themed space in your kid’s bedroom. Any beddings, blankets, or covers with rockets, stars, and planets will do. But even then, you don’t necessarily need space-themed beddings to complete that outer space look. Instead, go for bed covers that reflect the evening sky. Bed covers in a deep blue and white create the perfect accents that’ll help transport your kid into space.

As for the furniture, a lot of modern designs already have that space-age feel to them. Simply choose the beds, desks, and drawers whose colors resemble the insides of a rocket or space station.

Building a space-themed bedroom can be fun and exciting for both parents and their kids. If possible, try to involve your kids in many of the decisions regarding how they want to decorate their room. This will help give them a greater sense of ownership over their own space, and even help you out if you’re having trouble getting them to sleep in their own bed. So have some fun with it and go all out in creating the best space-themed bedroom you possibly can!