Wednesday, October 4

How to Earn Cashback Offers on UPI Transactions Through Credit Card

The consumer has become more aware than ever these days! They explore multiple options before buying anything and put their money only on things that fit their requirements. Thanks to the online shopping portals, they can do the research from the comfort of their homes and enjoy the best deals. The consumer follows a similar pattern when it is about making digital payments. They look for the best UPI payment cashback app, which can give them fruitful discounts on every transaction. There are multiple apps through which they can make direct transactions through their credit card, and the cashback they earn from it turns the deal all the more fruitful. 

The chances of reducing the total invoice value on UPI transactions through credit cards are higher. However, to enjoy the best deals, one needs to be aware of the ways to get maximum cashback. So, let us dig deeper to understand the concept of making UPI transactions through credit cards and how you can earn maximum cashback through them. 

UPI Transactions through Credit Card

When it is about transferring money quickly from one account to another, UPI payment is an ideal choice. A user can pay for any online order using the best payment app, and the best part is that they can get cashback rewards for it! There are apps like Fave Pay which offer assured cashback for every transaction. Using them, they can reduce their total invoice value significantly. 

These UPI apps take out money from your bank account and transfer it to the receiving party within seconds. Now, here is the twist! If you make this payment through your credit card rather than your savings or current account, you stand a chance to get additional perks! So, let us move on and discuss how one can increase the value of cashback by making UPI transactions through a credit card. 

How does your Cashback Double?

Credit cards work on a simple policy of buy now, pay later! There is a limit within which you can make online payments, and the bank will approve all of them. Now, when you make the UPI transactions through your credit card, your purchase from the card also increases! Once you reach the set spending cap, the bank will also give you additional cashback. You must have seen it on multiple online shopping platforms that if you pay with the credit card of a specific bank, you get a significant discount. That is exactly what happens here and how you can multiply your cashback offers considerably. 

To make UPI payments through a credit card, you only have to make a few changes in the UPI payment app you are using. Replace your account details with your credit card information, and you are ready to enjoy the perks of additional cashback. 

User Concerns

A buyer can have multiple concerns about attaching their credit card details with a UPI app. Though the confusions are understandable, they do not have to bother about it if they use a reliable app. Search for a user-friendly, trusted payment application with excellent market credibility. Read the reviews left by other users, verify their ratings, and get assurance that it will cater to all your requirements. Moreover, you can also read the app policy to ensure that they work hard to provide a safer payment interface to its users. 

Many users have multiple credit cards, and they are often in a dilemma about which one they should link. The simple answer is to check the account spending limit and use the card you think would be apt. Furthermore, check which bank card is entitled to get maximum discounts at the UPI app you want to use and link that. 

Another thing that a user should follow religiously is never to share the passwords with any third party. Furthermore, if they receive a call from anyone asking for screen access, do not entertain those requests! The idea is to stay vigilant and informed about the use of UPI apps and enjoy the perks of significant cashback rewards!


With vigilance and a strategic approach, a buyer can enjoy the perks of making UPI transactions through a credit card. However, if you plan your purchases and use a reliable and customer-oriented app, there is no bound to the cashback rewards you can get.