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How To Keep Washable Rugs Fresh And Clean After Many Years?

When looking for the right rug, one of the most common questions customers have is whether or not their purchase can be washed and reused. Many people fear that putting their rug through a washing machine cycle will destroy it. However, this is not the case! You don’t have to put up with dirty or soiled floors any longer because washable carpets are simple to clean and maintain. Get yourself a washable rug from RUGS ONLINE if you’re searching for a quick method to freshen up your home. Washable carpets are also ideal for kids because you don’t have to worry about them spilling stuff.

If they require a good cleaning or just some fresh air, washable rugs may be easily lifted from the floor and brought outside as an outdoor rug! Consider adding a washable rug to your home today to make it easier to maintain it clean and neat! We all want our rugs to be clean and fresh, yet mishaps often occur. Rugs that can be washed are a popular choice among many individuals. They can be utilized in any room of the house and are frequently composed of soft materials that are more comfortable underfoot than hardwood or carpeting.

There is no rocket science in washing or cleaning your rug. Here RUGS ONLINE shares some washing strategies for your rugs to keep them looking fresh and clean.

Vacuum First Before Washing

RUGS ONLINE recommends vacuuming (or shaking it off outside) before washing to keep any additional dirt or hair out of the machine. Since many household vacuums are designed to clean wall-to-wall carpets and hardwood, choosing the right settings, attachments, methods, and vacuum type is crucial for getting the best results. Vacuuming an area rug before washing it is a good idea since it removes dirt and debris that has built up over time. Vacuum cleaners are an essential component of house maintenance, but they can be hard to use on carpets. That is why many people choose to vacuum the rug before washing it.

Spot-Treat With Stain Remover

Due to the presence of stain-resistant material in carpets, spot cleaning is now easier than ever. To increase the time between washings, RUGS ONLINE recommends spot-treating any minor unclean areas on your rug with a stain remover. However, if your rug has been soiled by a large spill or a pet, we recommend washing it right away. Your area rug is one of the most challenging surfaces to keep clean. This is because it’s generally a high-traffic area, and spills or stains on an area rug can be difficult to clean.

Try this trick if you have a spot on your carpet that just won’t come out! Dip a cotton swab in a stain remover and dab it at the stained area of the carpet until the stain fades into the rug’s fibers or onto the cotton ball. Repeat as needed until your carpet is free of all stains. Then, using your upright vacuum cleaner, vacuum the rug as usual. It’s that simple!

Wash On Gentle Cycle

To avoid unnecessary wear and tear, we at RUGS ONLINE recommend washing your rug on the gentle cycle from Carpet cleaning services in Martinez. It will keep your rug looking great for a longer period. We recommend that you wash your Rug Cover on its own to avoid potential damage. Is there a carpeted area in your home that you find difficult to keep clean? The important thing is to use the delicate cycle and avoid overloading the machine.

So, before washing, you should also shake out or vacuum any loose dirt and then flip the rug over after removing it from the machine. It will reveal all of the troublesome spots on one side of the rug.

Final Words

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