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How To Manage Your Twitter Campaign In 2022

How To Manage Your Twitter Campaign In 2022

GoPuff draws new customers by offering diversification

goPuff is another delivery platform that relies on Twitter to encourage app downloads and attract new customers. The company note:(Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) achieved this by running several campaigns for app installation that used images and videos in carousel advertisements.

The goal was to showcase the app’s variety and get people interested in using the application. The campaign had high click-through rates and led to an increase in the number of purchases. The strategy worked well.

Ad on Twitter from delivery service GoPuff

Source: Twitter


Carousel ads are ideal for showcasing multiple items or services simultaneously. They can be used to attract new customers or remind them of why they choose to support an organization or brand.

Comico draws the attention of viewers by releasing teasers

Comico is an app for comics that is multi-national. They offer more than 200 comics, Mangas, novels, and novels across various categories, which are regularly updated.

The company is heavily dependent on the in-app purchase. By sharing teasers from the most well-known stories, their team managed to keep their readers interested and make them want to learn more.

A Twitter ad for comic online book retailer Comico

Source: Twitter

The most important takeaway

Carousel advertisements work well for this type of advertisement. Depending on your industry, you could generate signups and downloads and draw in new vendors or contributors.

99 help promote their efforts to protect their families

99, a Brazilian company 99, offers transport and payment services. Ninety-nine highlighted its commitment to safety and health in the COVID-19 epidemic in its ads on Twitter. They reused content that they had previously used on other channels of communication and then adjusted it to suit the dimensions and specifications of the carousel format.

Ad on Twitter by the brand 99

Source: Twitter


Repurpose old ads by putting a fresh approach to the old ones, like making a fresh description or a slight tweak to the design.

Best practices for Twitter Ads

Once you’ve mastered all of the Twitter advertising formats, Let’s take a quick review of the most effective ways to be aware of before making your advertisements.

Inspire a sense of urgency

One of the most effective tools available to marketers is to instill an urgency feeling in the audience they are targeting. If people are convinced that they have to act, they’ll miss the opportunity to take advantage of a sale or offer that they are more likely to follow through with what you ask them to do.

However, this doesn’t mean you must use cheap methods, however, of course. Please give them a reason to be motivated to take action immediately. If it’s visiting your Twitter page, downloading your app, or visiting your site, use the appropriate words and images to create excitement and buzz.

If you can provide something of value, it shouldn’t prove too challenging to achieve this and boost your campaign’s odds of success.

The Twitter brand is owned by Wendy’s
Source: Twitter

Make it brief and straightforward.

Twitter limits the number of words you can include in your ads. Make sure you limit it to 280 characters; otherwise, your ad copy may be cut in the middle of a sentence.

Think about advertising with text between 50 to 100 characters to get the best results. This can allow your Tweets to be clear and straightforward, with only one clear message. A copy of a short ad may get more attention than a tweet stuffed with hashtags.

If you want to share something, use your photo or video to complete all the talking.

Find your way to be imaginative.

While it’s lovely to have a strong image or video ad, you shouldn’t place all your eggs into one basket. Instead, think about creating variations of your ads using various formats and strategies.

You can, for instance, create a video advertisement that includes buttons for websites or a simple tweet or an image-based ad for the same campaign, which increases the chance (buy youtube views uk) of reaching the most significant number of Twitter users.

It is also an excellent method to test your advertisement’s design and tone to determine the most effective way to reach your intended audience. If you’re intereste, you could try a little risk and break away from your typical tone to check how it performs with your target audience.

Make high-quality visuals

It’s no surprise how good your photos on Twitter could be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful campaign. The users don’t want poor-quality, unattractive images. They certainly don’t want to see professional brands making use of stock photos.

Utilize professional photo editing software, and look into hiring professional video and photography devices to ensure you get the best quality images.

Include a compelling call to the

It is not a good idea to believe that people will instinctively understand what you are expecting from them based on their first glance at your ad. A CTA (call to action) is what motivates your viewers to follow the next step.

Create your CTA as simply as possible. Clear and precise examples include “Follow us,” Download the ebook,” Take the test,” etc.

To get the best results, think about the message you want to convey before designing your ads’ creatives. So, you won’t let anything chance your viewers’ perception.

Keep track of your performance.

Every ad campaign would be incomplete without an appropriate KPI monitoring. How do you know whether all your preparation and effort have paid off?

Establish your objectives and how you plan to measure them before starting your ads and carefully monitor their effectiveness.

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