Saturday, September 23

How to prepare for the CPHQ exam and score good marks?

Do you know that most candidates pass the CPHQ Main and CPHQ Advanced exams on the first try? While no reliable data is available, it is estimated that over 60% of applicants are first-timers. So, if you’re taking CPHQ for the first time, your chances of getting into CPHQ are good. Let us have a look at the strategies to crack in the firstattemptand get going with the practice for CPHQ certification course

  • Prepare a study plan based on the syllabus.


Start by going through the whole CPHQ syllabus. You must learn themes, comprehend ideas, and practice questions following the curriculum. Next, make a study schedule or strategy. Determine when you are most effective and study at those times every day. Take abrupt breaks in between extended study sessions to keep your attention and concentration.

  • The goal is to grasp things and put them into practice.


It is not tough to pass the CPHQ exam on the first try but with these strategies to crack CPHQ main in the first attemptyou will surely get through easily. . All you have to do is learn the ideas well and practice a large number of tasks. Reading theory alone will not suffice; you must answer issues regularly and work on your weaknesses.

  • Avoid reading numerous publications at the same time.


Avoid reading a lot of reference books. Instead, stick to one decent MCQ book or use CPHQ coaching materials to study. For chemistry, NCERT is a useful resource. Keep this in mind when planning on the CPHQ exam preparation course

  • Resolve your doubts regularly.


Accept that you will not be able to comprehend and learn everything on your own. Don’t be afraid to question the teacher even if you have a minor doubt.


Revision is a never-ending process. You may believe you’ve done a great job on a chapter or topic, but you won’t remember it unless you read it again. This must be done throughout the CPHQ preparation process. Make notes and go through them again. Then, before going to bed, go over all of the essential topics again.

  • Solve previous year’s papers and practice exams online.


To succeed in CPHQ, you must be able to manage your time effectively. You should perform online mock tests to learn how to manage your time effectively on paper. Learn how to answer questions in a certain way. Only constant practice will allow you to achieve this. Solving previous year’s papers will offer you the most accurate picture of the level of questions given in the CPHQ test.

  • Don’t only work hard; work intelligently.


Make informed decisions regarding your objectives and approach. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. It’s fine to make errors; the key is to learn from them. 

  • Talk to your parents or instructors if you’re feeling down.


Simply speak to someone who cares about you if you are feeling down owing to weariness or exhaustion or because of low exam scores. It doesn’t matter if it’s your parents, brother, sister, or instructor. You’ll need the help of others around you.


If you want to get good marks in the exam then you must follow these tips and get cleared in your first attempt itself.