Tuesday, December 5

How to Start Using iTop VPN


Setting up a VPN connection still necessitates computer ability, despite Microsoft simplifying the VPN option in the most recent version of Windows. In Windows, it’s typical to encounter complications when establishing a VPN connection. Many problems can be resolved for you by a reliable VPN. It can connect you to the rest of the world and allow you access to restricted stuff in your area. Additionally, a decent VPN will respect your online privacy while providing you with lightning-fast internet access. ITop VPN comes into play in this situation. The most excellent part of this helpful VPN is that the fundamental features are free to use. It’s simple to set up. However, iTop VPN has some compelling arguments to persuade you to upgrade if you want to unlock everything.

Why Do You Need This VPN

In addition to stealing your data, hackers may also obtain your precise position, which they may utilize later. Therefore, if you want to prevent such occurrences, always use a trustworthy VPN, like iTop VPN, which not only gives you private internet access but also enables you to hide your actual IP address behind a false one. Additionally, it encrypts your network data, allowing you to shield your identity, whereabouts, and online activities from hackers. To better understand the VPN for Windows and how to set it up. You can try to VPN  for PC by following the procedures below to avoid jeopardizing your anonymity and private information.

Step 1: Visit the Site and Download The VPN

The initial step in obtaining this VPN for Windows is going to the website and downloading the tool. Due to the website’s menu elements being well defined, this process is simple and quick. Choose the appropriate software version for your device, then continue. Several versions of this VPN are created for various operating systems, which is something to be aware of. One is for Windows-based computers, and the others are for mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

Step 2: Install and Launch the Software

You are installing and starting the VPN next. Since the VPN is small and won’t take up much space on your PC, installation is simple. It is now turned on, and settings like location and ad blocking are adjusted. All you want for quick and safe browsing is that.

Step 3: Upgrade to Premium Plans

You can upgrade to the premium packages to take advantage of its resources, assuming you have used the free services. There are plans for one month, six months, and one year. The latter gives you a good deal, which equates to an 80% reduction.


ITop VPN is, without a doubt, the most user-friendly and the VPN super unlimited proxy available. You can see from this article that using it is simple. You can utilize the online platform’s documentation or contact the customer service center if you encounter issues. iTop VPN is accessible on Android operating systems in addition to Windows. That implies that you are always securely connected to the internet regardless of your device.