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Step-by-Step Guide to fix ‘https aka ms remoteconnect not working’ issue in Minecraft?

aka ms remote connect not working or https aka ms remoteconnect not working

Based on its simplicity and efficacy, we’ve created a list of fixes for the https aka ms remoteconnect problem. Restarting your devices is a good place to start, but we’ll also look into more advanced solutions like reinstalling Minecraft if that’s an option you want.


Reboot Your Device


To fix the https aka ms remote connect Minecraft problem, the first step is to restart the device. Your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Macintosh OS X, Android, and iOS devices are all eligible. If a network or device-related issue was responsible for the error, it should be resolved by now. This is a very basic procedure, yet it works a lot more often than you might expect. In the end, rebooting your PS4 or Switch will fix a lot of issues.

You can get back to playing Minecraft in a matter of seconds after restarting your device.


Leaving Other Devices Logged Out


Your account must be inactive on any other devices. Logging out of these gadgets is a must if that is the case. You are more likely to run into the https remote connect not functioning problem if you have numerous devices signed in at the same time.


Remove Corrupted Data from the Game


We already explained that damaged game data is a common cause of the error we are currently seeing. In other words, you can try erasing corrupted game data from your device, regardless of the model.

You can clear corrupted game data by selecting System Settings in the Settings menu. From Storage, you may access Minecraft’s game data files in Game storage. You can relaunch Minecraft after deleting these files.


Set Up an Account with Microsoft


Fortunately, there is a remedy that can finally get rid of the https or  aka ms remote connect problem. You have the option of creating a new Microsoft account rather than logging in using your current one. Then, in a matter of minutes, you’ll be ready to go. Using the Remote Connect feature will be a breeze after this.

The good news is that this approach doesn’t need much time or money on your part. Having a Microsoft account is free, as you may well know.


Sign out of Minecraft and reinstall it.


The remote connect not working error can also be caused by software defects and driver issues. You should log out of your Microsoft account and reinstall Minecraft on your PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch to fix this issue. Minecraft and its various versions are readily available through the official game stores for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac, so the process should go smoothly.


Set up ms remoteconnect (https) correctly.


Due to less than optimum configuration, the https aka ms remoteconnect system frequently fails. As a result, it makes appropriate to start again with your system’s configuration. Each gadget has its own set of processes, but we’ll go through the most important ones here.



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