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How 3 Very Different Brands Succeed on YouTube

How 3 Very Different Brands Succeed on YouTube


For those interested in English content that is in English, This video has received more fabulous than 3000 views with 34 new subscribers and more than 94 shares. Videos that have been and made available in English and those (Click here)from the Lego Hero Factory videos aren’t yet able to reach the 7,000 mark in the same timeframe.


However, in Asian videos, cartoons are a huge thing. The current Lego Chima videos can top 90,000 views within two weeks. whereas the same show in English may only get the 5,000 mark in one month. The world of English prefers the product to be the center of attention. which is starkly different from the GoPro video that you see above.


Here’s how you can make use of this Lego example to guide you on how to improve your content for the video.

The most well-known YouTube channels for parents and children who are  by them are the unboxing channels. They’re just videos of toys being removed from the box for the first time, and if they need to. they are put together. The toy store could make the item the center of attention by taking advantage of this content.

Have you ever watched the satirical review of the movie show Mystery Science Theatre 3000? The show featured a man and three robots that played fun with films. Put some of your friends on a sofa and record everything they do as they watch a film or a TV show.

Suppose you create clothes that range from formal and casual. Could make videos of outfits you have put together to wear for various occasions. Include a regular host with moving models of various body kinds. The clothes should be the primary focus and provide a steady stream of content for the new season. This may open the door to work with other businesses when you’re willing to include accessories, footwear, sunglasses, or other accessories.

Lego looked closely at the brand’s audience all over the world and realized in the beginning that the product was the center of attention.

The YouTube channel has been an enormous success. BlendTec’s YouTube channel has been an enormous success.

Blendtec is an ideal example of a dull product made attractive and perfect for video by an engaging company. When I think of the typical videos that promote blenders for food. I think of Home Shopping Network actors and actresses posing in amazement at the product’s actual performance that we all use in our kitchens. Blendtec has taken a different direction with its “Will the Blend” campaign.



Blendtec discovered the success it was looking for on YouTube by:


Identifying the main pain point that comes with buying a blender

Determining what their product can do better than their competitors

A presentation of the “boring” thing in a way that is hilarious and outrageous.

Employing their CEOs, instead of actors. to create the videos

Here are some examples of how your company could benefit from the BlendTec blueprint to achieve successful videos?


A hiking gear business can dress contestants in their clothes and create a web-based survival show.

The manufacturer of microwave ovens could begin a “Will it explode?

Carpet manufacturers could host dramatized contests that resembled the famous Japanese television show Takeshi’s castle and use the flooring to stage for every episode.

These are my instances of the classic YouTube Generation thinking. and your boring product will need it if you wish to establish yourself in the world of video marketing.



The statistics in the video are impressive in the 11 months. with 11,000 subscriptions and over 4,000 shares.


Blendtec YouTube stat photo BLENDTECstats_zpsdec55b3b.png

For buy more followers:


The method Blendtec uses is one that you could also apply:


Concentrate more upon the high-quality of the product rather than the quantity of production.

Produce a top-quality show with a professional set

Creating a clear script is strictly followed for every production, making people aware of the things they can anticipate from each show.

Your business is also able to be successful through YouTube.

I’ve highlighted three distinct brands thriving on YouTube in their unique way. GoPro and Lego are the two brands that make the content or action the focus, and Blendtec shines the spotlight on their product.


You can decide which route is the best option for your business. You’re likely excited by the possibilities for your brand’s presence on YouTube.