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if someone has blocked you from Instagram: What to do?

How do you know if someone has blocked you from Instagram? (how to view their posts)


However, if someone is blocking us on Instagram, it does not let us know. It’s not a pleasant feeling to visit someone’s profile or post and discover that you can’t. However, it doesn’t always mean that you’ve been banned. It could mean that the user has temporarily disabled their account or deleted it altogether. In this post, we’ll show you how you can find out if someone has blocked your account on Instagram.

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What are the most apparent indications that you’re blocked on Instagram?

  • You will be able to view their profile.  Instead, you’ll be shown an error message saying, “No Posts Yet.”
  • Comments and likes made on the account you blocked disappear from all your posts.
  • You will not be allowed to make DMs for or get DMs via the email address blocked by you.
  • Have you been blocked? Or has your account been deactivated?

There are instances when there are instances where someone blocked you on Instagram; however, the truth is that they’ve deleted their accounts, and no blockage occurred. How can we discover if we’ve been blocked or that the user has deleted their account?


It’s straightforward. An account that has been deleted or deactivated on an Instagram account won’t appear in search results. Likewise, when you try to access the account’s URL, you’ll receive the error code. This is a sure sign that the account is no longer in existence. Keep in mind that accounts that blocked you remain on the account. The account’s page will read “No posts Yet,” despite their posting count being visible on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The accounts that were deleted disappear completely entirely from Instagram.


What can you tell if someone blocks you from Instagram?


Find their profile: The first step you can take when you suspect someone is blocking you are checking for their Instagram username (i.e., username). If their profile, as well as post, appears on your profile, you are not blocked. This is the case for public profiles. If you have a private profile, If you see an error warning “This account is not public,” you are assured that you are not blocked.

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However, if you can view the profile, it states “No posts Yet,” then you are probably blocked. Another option is to type in the username, but it isn’t listed. The account is they’ve blocked your account. If you suspect this, you must search for additional signs to be sure.


Review their previous comments

When someone removes their Instagram account on Instagram, Instagram will not erase the last comments they left under your posts. You need to visit the post that they commented on. When you click their username, and the post does not come up, then you’ve been blocked.

Find their username on your computer

it’s challenging to recall usernames. If you’re authenticated on your account, you might encounter the message “Sorry that this page isn’t accessible.” This could indicate that the account has been blocked. It could also indicate that the user has been deactivated from their account. Log into your accounts and then open their profile using the identical link to determine if this is the case. If you can view their profile by this method, you’ve been blocked, but they’ve deactivated the account, even if they cannot.


Make sure you check for direct messages

If you are blocked on Instagram, the comments they leave are not removed from your posts; however, the chat message is removed for both parties. If you’ve previously contacted the person you’re talking to, check if your message thread remains in place. If not, they’ve blocked you from accessing their account or removed their account.

Use the following button

typically, whenever you press the”follow” button on a profile of someone else, “follow” will change to “follow” is changed to “following” immediately. In addition, it will notify the person you follow that you’ve followed the person.


Please use a different profile

the final option is to verify their profile using the second account or even another person’s account in totality. If the account is open regularly, you’ve been denied access.

Tag them in a blog post

You can also tag the suspect user in your post. You may be blocked if the tag isn’t working and you cannot link your post to this individual.

If you discover that someone blocked you on Instagram If you discover that someone has blocked you on Instagram, you can utilize the software called “Instagram viewers” to look up the person’s profile. It is generally private and completely cost-free. We have identified eight of them in the following order:


Number 1: Qoob Stories


Qoob Stories is one of the most robust Instagram Story viewers and massive downloaders of all things on Instagram. All you need to do is enter your username, and after that, you can look at any profile of anyone with unlimited downloading.


Number 3: mSpy


This application is among the top mobile phone tracker and monitoring tools to control parental influence. It allows you to view all Instagram conversations and share links, and aid in tracking popular messaging apps.


Number 4: Anonymous Instagram


Another fantastic program whose primary objective is to monitor Instagram accounts in anonymity. However, it cannot download any of the content on Anonymous Instagram, which is one of the most significant negatives.


Number 5: StoriesDown


With StoriesDown, You can connect to your Instagram account without having an account of your own and browse the content in privacy. Your account isn’t required to sign up for an unnecessary account.


Number 6: Install


Install is an excellent service that allows users to gain instant access to an Instagram account without having an account. You can track anonymously a particular user’s story and posts and posts that have been deleted previously.


Number 7: InstaStories


InstaStories is extremely simple to use, and you can log into all public Instagram accounts by using an account name. You can access stories, pictures, videos, and photos without being recognized by the account’s creator.


Number 8: InstaDP


The service on the internet lets you browse your favorite stories and then download whatever you’d like. The entire process is carried out without the knowledge of the account’s creator.