Wednesday, October 4

Interesting Ways To Use An Electric Kettle

We all have seen and used electric kettles at a certain point in time though the purpose would have been restricted to heating water. Now you can use it for other tasks like heating things and boiling eggs. Not only this but simple meals can also be made using an electrical kettle. Let’s check out some interesting ways in which kettles can be used!

We all know eggs make a healthy food option, on any given day. Normally, on a gas stove, it takes quite a lot of time to boil eggs. But using an electric kettle, you can achieve the same within minutes. If you haven’t tried this way of boiling eggs, you should try it and see the difference in terms of time!

There are many uses for electric kettle, some of them might surprise you. For Making Tea/Coffee – We all abide by this daily caffeine dose. At times, you don’t have the patience to stand near a gas stove and prepare your cup. For such instances and otherwise, you can actually adore this handy appliance which can be kept on your table and used as and when desired. You can easily make tea or coffee using a kettle.

Some ways you can use an electric kettle for:- If you get cravings for hot soup, it comes for your respite. You can definitely make the perfect soup using instant soup mix by adding just hot water.’-If on other days, you can also make a good soup by putting finely chopped veggies, water, and soup in the kettle. Bring this concoction to a boil and enjoy your bowl of freshly made hot soup!

If you have a kettle, you can use it for cooking noodles and oats. If you add boiling water and your instant noodles or oats, you will have food that is ready in minutes. In case, you do not have any instant product, just add the contents to the boiling water and enjoy. However, clean the kettle properly before using it for cooking anything else except water.

Instead of using the microwave to heat your baby’s bottle, warming up their bottle with a kettle is a great option. Use electric kettles for Baby Bottle Water or Bottle Warming and help get that task done quickly.

The instant soup mixes are the best way to enjoy a delicious bowl of soup! A good boil of soup is both comforting and tasty. If you are too tired to make one on your stovetop, don’t just use your electric kettle. Boil some water in the kettle, add a cup of the instant soup mix, close the lid and wait a few minutes. Sip away your hot soup when it’s ready!

Electric kettles are more than a just-heating-water thing. You can cook potatoes and rice, with an Electric kettle or an electric rice cooker too! Make sure to clean the kettle properly after using it. If you already have one, bring it into use from now on. And in case you don’t have one, get the one to make the things really convenient for you.