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Invisalign: How Much It Costs and How You Need to Pay

Certain aspects contribute the price of many orthodontic procedures like Invisalign. They are;

  • Dentist’s time to assess
  • Average price depending on the location
  • Specific oral care needs
  • How insurance policy is going to help

Typically, the Invisalign will cost within £3,000–£7,000. And insurance provider only provides the coverage for £3,000 only. While Invisalign price seems to be high traditional bracket only charges £2,000–£6,000. But don’t forget that the price depends on the individual condition of the patient. Depending on that orthodontist will determine which treatment option will be the most suitable for you.

Pros and Cons of Invisalign


  • Gradual progress leads to minimal discomfort
  • Needs less number of dental visit
  • Provide straight teeth in much less span of time
  • Easy removal during teeth cleaning and eating
  • Nearly invisible becomes less noticeable


  • Its price is quite hefty
  • May cause initial discomfort
  • Can get broken or lost leading to more expenditure of both time and money

How you can save on Invisalign

Mostly orthodontic acts as the cosmetic aesthetic treatment for enhancing the appearance while improving the dental health simultaneously. Besides presenting you the most attractive smile you always dreamt of hygiene maintenance becomes troublesome with crooked teeth. As a result, you are more likely to develop periodontal disease and tooth decay over the course of time.

Many patients experience excruciating jaw pain accompanying other dental complexities. Soon, they start losing confident in themselves to get social ended up being introvert!

Nowadays, considering the current pandemic situation and economical devastation many dental clinics are charging affordable price for the treatment of Invisalign in the UK. Sometimes, flexible payment options with financing facilities can also incorporate the patients to afford the treatment and achieve beautiful smile.

What is an Invisalign?

Invisalign is unique orthodontic solution that makes use of the clear tray aligner. It is made from plastic blend meticulously used for Invisalign manufacturing on the basis of mouth moulds. The aligner is solid plastic piece that possesses enough ability for exerting the pressure on specific dental parts. As a result the teeth will get back to their own position soon.

Consult with an orthodontist for obtaining the treatment of Invisalign in London. On visiting the dental clinic, the entire mouth condition will be examined thoroughly by the orthodontist. Then they will your teeth impression that will incorporate in making the custom-fitting Invisalign aligner.

Even the full treatment plan will be created to serve you with the smile you always wished for! Every set of Invisalign aligner should be changed in a week or two and surprisingly each tray is slightly different from the last one in order to shift the teeth.

Don’t miss to wear it for long 22 hours to notice the result within a few weeks. Even you are free to remove them from the mouth during special occasions like brushing, flossing, eating and drinking! Invisalign is just a brace type not actually retainers. Retainers are something different which followed the teeth straightening treatment for long-lasting its effect.

Some alternatives of Invisalign

Invisalign is the patent, but actually certain ideal alternatives to it can be found easily:

Lingual braces

For appeal-conscious persons, lingual braces can be the most perfect option that is usually installed behind your teeth. So, you don’t have to worry regarding your appearance as it will remain unnoticed during smiling or speaking. As still it makes use of ceramic, clear of metal brackets it is quite economical in respect to Invisalign.

Questions to ask prior to get Invisalign treatment

  • Does your insurance company pay for the additional aligner which you need in case you are unsatisfied with the result?
  • Does your insurance company will bear the expense of retainer post treatment?
  • Is there any other orthodontic option which can work better for treating your condition?
  • Does your health insurance provide coverage or multiple range of treatment?

Aftercare price

Every orthodontic treatment comes with retainer treatment afterwards especially in the completion of the teeth straightening procedure. Basically, the role of the retainer is to firmly hold the teeth in the newly shifted positions for the long period. Remember both cemented and removable retainers are widely available and hence you have to make the choice for your condition considering the preferences, of course.

It will cost around £100–£500 each retainer. Particularly, you have to wear them throughout the day unless you switch to night-wearing retainer options. The patients who strictly follow the orthodontist’s instructions would never have to repeat the braces treatment again for the rest of their life.

The investment will be worthy only if you put it into your mouth for the prescribed time period. But in the meantime, don’t forget to clean the mouth and aligner for maintaining proper oral health.

Afterwards, never skip to put on the retainers as it holds on to the teeth in their respective new position for the long period of time. For more info, find a reputed clinic for Invisalign braces in London and book a consultation appointment.